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About Santa Claus


My office is a magical place where time passes slowly and the reindeer talk like humans. But that’s only a small part of what happens here… Santa Claus knows just what you’d like for Christmas, even if you don’t know yourself. Elfi, my head elf, makes sure your letter reaches the right address, and then I read them carefully, analyse them and weigh up how good all the children have been. That’s why, even when it’s sunny and hot, the elves are alert and watching you to make sure you’re being good. In fact, I remember when a young elf called Bingo saw children playing in the sand on a beach somewhere and, a few days later, he’d made his own artificial beach in the middle of our Christmas gift factory! Some elves were playing with a beach ball, others were pretending to sunbathe – it was hilarious! But when playtime is over, they work ever so hard and make sure everything is written down in the books in my library. That’s how I always know who the good children who deserve presents are...
You can find plenty more Santa stories below. See you at Christmas!

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Santa by numbers *
Received letters 37776216
Packaged presents 57570024
Number of good children 98057929
Data gathered in special report by main elf, Sudoko, statistics specialist
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