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Hello, Dear Children,

My office is a magical place, where the time passes more slowly and reindeer talk like humans, but that's only a little part of what we do here.
Santa Claus knows very well what you would like to get for Christmas, even if you are unsure yourselves. I have my ways (sic!). Elfi, my elf in charge, makes sure that your letter to Santa reaches the right address. I read all letters very carefully, analyse them, and then check if the child deserves to get a present. It's very important. That's why even when it's sunny and we're enjoying beautiful hot weather and playing outside, my elves are always alert and watching you to make sure you are being good. They have a lot of fun doing that as well. All it takes is for them to see you play, and a few days later they want to do the same thing in our Christmas gift factory. I remember when a young elf called Bingo saw children playing in the sand on the beach. When I visited the factory a few days later, I saw with my own eyes the elves making an artificial beach in the middle of the factory! Some of them were already playing with a beach ball, while others were pretending to be sunbathing in the hot sun. I'd never laughed so hard before! Fortunately, when play time is over, all the elves work hard and write everything down in the books in my library. That's how I always know who deserves a present and who needs to try a little harder. Below, you can find everything else you'd like to know about me. See you this Christmas!

Santa in numbers
Letters received 16985799
Wrapped gifts 26069392
Number of nice children 44506855
Data in accordance with the current report of Head Elf Sudoko, Statistics Specialist.
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