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New videos and letters for 2016 now available!

Give your child an unforgettable treat with personalized letters from Santa or a video clip

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Santa Claus Letters And Video Greetings

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Video from Santa

Order a 100% personalized video message in which Santa addresses your child directly. The name, age and photos uploaded by you will be featured in the video. Sit back with your child and be carried away into the magical world of Santa. An unforgettable souvenir and a true bestseller!

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Why choose Elfi?

I was concerned whether my daughter would like the video, but as soon as I saw her angelic expression and big smile from ear to ear, I knew that it was the best gift!
The video reached us on time, the elves deserve a medal for their service :) highly recommended!

Jesse Wright, Manchester
Letter From Santa Claus
Write a letter to Santa and Santa himself will write you back directly from his office. You'll receive a personalised letter from Santa that will charm your loved ones. You can also order a unique video from Santa where Santa will greet your child by name. Your child's age, his photos and even the letter to Santa  he wrote  will appear in the video that you'll receive in your email box. Give your loved ones this Christmas a gift of joy and order a personalised message from Santa Claus himself!

Could there be anything quite as spectacular at the end of a magical year as a well thought out and cleverly written personalized letter from Santa that is addressed and dedicated precisely to your child, spouse or loved one?

In search of a unique gift that expresses timeless thought and superb attention to detail? Our letter from Santa service for US residents provides exceptional value for money whilst offering a superbly unique gift that can be tailored exactly to the individual recipient. Thus, there is no mistaking the fact that Santa Claus himself has actually composed and written the correspondence himself!

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