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So Summer Is Finally Here! But What Is Santa Claus Up To Right Now?


So, you are sat there on a lazy summer afternoon, leaning back on a reclining chair at the bottom of the garden, sipping a tall glass of freshly made , ice cold lemonade and the thought suddenly springs into your mind from out of nowhere! What on Earth does Santa do at this time of year and how are his little helpers and the reindeer keeping themselves occupied?

It is hardly surprising, with the hectic schedule that is lying in wait for our favourite Christmas character, that he has already begun making all the preparations necessary so that he is completely organized for the months ahead when he has to open all those Santa letters in order to discover what all the little boys and girls want for their presents. These long hours of preparation are absolutely essential for Santa Claus because he does have quite a few houses to visit and he doesn’t want to upset any of his loyal followers by making even the slightest mistake whilst making those meticulously planned, final deliveries on Christmas Eve to all the children who have written him millions of letters from each every single corner of the globe.

Of course, it’s not all work, work and more work for our red costumed yuletide hero and Santa himself, accompanied by his well-loved and highly trusted elves, do enjoy some time out for themselves so that they can relax and unwind as and when they get the chance! At the North Pole, the days are seemingly endless with twenty four hours of sunlight which means he has plenty of time to go fishing and hunting, although he never really catches anything as Santa never hurts any animal or fish. He doesn’t even use a hook, just a large fishing net full of large holes and if he does finally make a catch, he always releases whatever he has caught straight back into the ocean – completely unharmed as he truly is one of the nicest people on the planet.

As for the reindeer, including Rudolph, Vixen and Blitzen, they are left to graze in the forest which gives Father Christmas plenty of time for any other activities he enjoys. This involves a touch of spring cleaning, making sure his magical sleigh is in perfect condition by carrying out small yet necessary repairs and making a start getting the presents ready by reading any mail he receives earlier on in the year. This means that if you are planning to send a Santa letter, it is never too soon make a start and this also gives Santa plenty of time to send you a reply.

If you are a parent and your child has decided to write a letter to Santa this early in the year, then why not surprise your little ones by asking Santa to send them a reply so that they can be sure that their letter has arrived on time and at the right destination? Here at Elfi Santa, we can create Santa video messages directly from Father Christmas himself and hand written letters from Santa which are personally addressed to your child containing an individual response that is tailored to your exact requirements so that they know that their Santa letter is completely genuine and totally authentic.

For a small fee, we can create Santa videos and letters, which are sent out on the exact date you require, featuring all of the magical warmth and cheerful character that only the real Father Christmas can provide!

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