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Santa Claus In The Digital Age


The world that we share and live in together is a forever changing place, constantly moving forwards with one technological breakthrough following another.

However, from the stone age to the space age, there are many time-honoured traditions and special festivities that have managed to survive these changes which will never be replaced. Without a shadow of a doubt, the most magical of these celebrations is Christmas Day. A time where all the family gets together to spend quality time with one another, sharing food, drink and presents alongside treasured memories of the past as we put our silly differences aside and appreciate the nicer things in life.

So, here we are in the middle of the year 2016. A time when, more or less, everybody on the planet is connected to the internet in one way or another. Like it or not, the modern day computer is here to stay, whether in smart phone, graphics tablet or desktop form, so it is hardly surprising that even Santa Claus himself has found himself having to take a huge leap forwards by signing up for his very own internet package in Lapland using the finest technology that the North Pole has to offer. This means he can now receive a large amount of specially written Santa letters via email, although he still needs the occasional bit of extra help from his favourite little Elves if he ever gets stuck online as he sometimes gets a touch confused with the technology side of things!

Of course, you can still write letters to Santa by hand and he will always open and read every piece of correspondence he personally receives through his post box from all the little boys and girls who write to him each year. However, he now has a little extra time on his hands which means that as well as being able to send personalised handwritten Santa letters back to the children who send him Christmas messages and lists of presents they want, he can also send specially recorded Santa videos to his followers digitally, including corporate videos from Santa on behalf of kind hearted employers wishing to thank their staff for all those hard hours of work that they have completed throughout the year.

If you are planning to buy your child a brand new computer, DVD player or laptop for December the 25th this year and you really want to surprise them when they switch it on, then why not ask Father Christmas to send you a beautifully recorded Santa video that is guaranteed to serve as a genuinely unexpected bolt from the blue when they power up for the first time. The included message will be addressed directly to the recipient and it can even contain positive advice and encouraging words directly from Father Christmas himself, such as “You’ve done really well at school this year, enjoy your presents, be kind to your parents and teachers, and keep up the good work!”

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