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Free Santa letter

Personalize your free letter

Why letter from Elfi?
  • 100% FREE
  • Over 18,3465 letters sent
  • No registration
  • A real letter from Santa template
  • The child's name in the letter
  • 18 templates NEW FOR 2018!
Why letter from Elfi?
  • 100% FREE
  • Over 23,4567 letters sent
  • No registration
  • A real letter to Santa template
Choose a template:

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Rudolph ApprovesPrint ReadyKid Safe
A preview of how the letter from Santa will lookName of recipientAdd your own personal PSEdit your letterHand-pressed gold seal
A preview of how the letter to Santa will lookPlace for your child's letterPlace for your child's signature

Santa Letter | Download a FREE printable letter from SantaHow to download a FREE letter to Santa?

Select a letter template Write any text or leave it blank for your child to complete
Enter child’s name at the beginning of the letter,Download a print-ready template
e.g. Dear Peter. Edit the letter freely.
Download a print-ready template
Get to know an amazing story of a letter from Santa Claus ›
Characters remaining: 1950
Over 234567 letters sentTotal cost: free

How to create a letter?

After you choose one of our templates you can edit if freely by writing something on that letter. You can add a note at the end or delete the whole text and provide your own. Attention: you can't copy&paste a text from your PC. It can be added only by writing on it.

Our tips:

1. Compliment from teacher.
E.g. PS Ms. Ann told me, that you're doing great at school!
2. Mention favourite activity.
E.g. I see you've made great progress in football!
3. Mention vacation.
E.g. I heard you was at the sea this year and you like it very much!
Buy now. Personalise or give as a gift anytime.

Amaze your child, your nieces and nephews, your colleagues, your friends and your loved ones with the unique gift of a personalised letter from Santa Claus himself.

So whether you’re looking to thrill a young child or amuse a grown-up, these fun Lapland letters will make for a memorable Christmas.

For a long time we’ve had special access to Santa, making us just the elves to provide you with a personalised letter. And it’s free, too!

We can even make a unique personalised video from Mr Claus, to really bring Christmas to life.

So why not spread some love and happiness this year, courtesy of Santa Claus himself.

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Welcome to Santa’s house
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