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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They really warm our hearts.

9.8/10 of (33511) reviews
Thank you!
Your feedback (33511):
  This is a wonderful thing !!!! My son was soooooo excited he got mail and then when he seen it was from Santa. He was OVER THE MOON HAPPY !!!!
  Anna M Shilling, 12.12.2018, Orange Beach    
  My daughter was in awe and kept looking at me in great wonder, specially the video with her photo! Definitely a page I will be using in coming years!
  Pem, 12.12.2018, Canary Islands    
  Thank you so much for giving me the pleasure of writing a letter from Santa to my grandson. Your site is wonderful and easy to write the letter from your template. It will such a surprise for this 5 year old.Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you all.
  Edward B Butler, 07.12.2018, Cape Broyle,Newfoundland,Canada    
  Excellent! My boys were so happy.
  Carrie, 06.12.2018, Texas    
  I created a letter from Santa which I then printed out at home, it was excellent quality and my 6 year old son was extremely happy with it and even took it to school to show his teacher and friends. I will definitely be using this again
  Fiona McCormick, 06.12.2018, DUMBARTON    
  Easy and simple and free!!!!!!!!
  Jimmy, 05.12.2018, Philly    
  I was so glad to for santa to give my boys a letter personally to them they are trying to be good and listen to grandma thank you
  Kristina Loy, 05.12.2018, Soldotna    
  The Santa letter was great!! Thank you for coming up with the idea.
  Cindy Schreiner, 05.12.2018, Boise, Idaho    
  The letters from Santa made my grandsons feel really special and that he was watching them.
  Cindy Schreiner, 05.12.2018, Boise, Idaho    
  These letter from Santa are great! You can edit the already standard letter they provide. Also the stationary is beautiful. I'll be saving this link and using it for years to come. Thank you!
  Michelle, 05.12.2018, Sparrows Point    
  My kids were ever so happy for their letters it was beautiful! It was easy and quick for me to find letters that related to each of them! Thanks for all you do!
  Jamie, 05.12.2018, Kenai    
  Easy to use, cute options. Letters crom Santa to boost moral to some younguns! Happy Santa found some help!
  Gramma, 04.12.2018, Murray    
  Very easy to use and customize. Perfect for achieving the behaviors you desire from your child!
  Kim Z., 04.12.2018, De Pere    
  The letters from Santa are great. My god daughter and godson are going to be so excited when they receive them in the mail. I can't wait until they call me up,excited and tell me all about their letters. Thank you so much for sharing these letters and giving children so much joy.
  Maggi, 04.12.2018, Ansonia    
  My Granddaughter will be thrilled.
  Keith Bray, 04.12.2018, Plainville Ga. 30733    
  My daughter loved her letter from Santa!
  Marthie Van Niekerk, 04.12.2018, Somerset West    
  I love the letters. It goes so well with her gift. Can't wait to see her expression on Christmas day..thank you
  Rhonda Feasel, 03.12.2018, London    
  Its amazing what a simple video witha name can do to our kids! Thxsomuxh!!
  alexandre figueroa, 03.12.2018, Montreal    
  My grandchildren were surprised and amazed - "Santa is real" they exclaimed - and the smile on their faces were the greatest gifts of all.
  Ellen, 03.12.2018, New York    
  Absolutely fantastic the colours and pictures are amazing and don't look generic like some other places I will definitely be coming back every year
  Lorretta, 03.12.2018, Sydney    
  This is the best app I’ve ever had. My brothers had apparently been on YouTube when we came across elfi soon I found out it had an app so I got it
  Mercie Castro, 03.12.2018, Seattle    
  I got a video, calendar, and letter it was amazing !
  mayra, 03.12.2018, los angeles    
  These are awesome!
  Susanne D, 02.12.2018, Cypress Tx    
  Awesome service and great easy to use site. evrything worked well and the letters were perfect.
  Kevin, 02.12.2018, Colorado Springs    
  The letter was sent to my handicapped niece and I'm sure it will make her quite happy to receive her personalized letter from Santa Claus.
  Beth Greenwood, 02.12.2018, Morrisville    
  The letter was amazing!
  Mayra, 02.12.2018, P.    
  My nephew is so delighted to receive a call from Santa and is looking forward to hearing from Santa soon
  Tanya, 01.12.2018, Philadelphia    
  The letters from Santa were wonderful!
  Tess, 30.11.2018, Australia    
  Thank you. I have not seen the letters yet but i'm sure the kids still love them. Also great customer support response.
  Chris Leboeuf, 29.11.2018, Mission    
  My son loved his video! It was so magical. I will definitely be using this site for many years to come!
  Charity Roehrig, 29.11.2018, Pittsburgh    
  Beautiful letters, great editing facility to personalise
  Padraig, 28.11.2018, Gorey    
  The letter was really good im happy with it
  Lisa Fritz, 27.11.2018, Taylor    
  My nieces will be so happy! Love the letters and they will too! Merry Christmas!
  Mercedes, 26.11.2018, Humble    
  I'm certain I will hear many good things after my great- grandchildren receive & read their letters. My only regret, I won't be there to share with them. I thank you for creating this service.
  Thoma McConnell, 26.11.2018, Lugoff    
  Loved the site. Being able to edit and add items that apply to the child was great. I sent a letter to all the great grandchildren. They will be in awe when they receive it. I have mentionsed the site to many friends
  Karen, 26.11.2018, Lewistown, IL    
  Amazing service.... my Grandkids' parents loved the idea and letters. We know the kids will love reading them. Thank you!!!
  Rosa Schwartz, 25.11.2018, Plainfield    
  I was very happy I found this site ,I ordered 4 letters for my grandkids from santa,I have never seen them so excited,their eyes opened so wide and bright with amazing look,,
  Treena carrion, 25.11.2018, 3814 baldwin Ave 13 El Monte ca 92040    
  Wonderful Service hard to work with at the Beginning once you get a handle with it Works Great. Thank you
  Ted, 24.11.2018, U.S.A.    
  Wonderful service. Very easy to do. Have already recommended to other people
  Katie Smith, 22.11.2018, Portugal    
  Elfi has been the best website to get that special message to my niece and nephew. I cant wait for them to receive their letters from Santa. I've looked through dozens of websites and Elfie, by far, has had the best stories, letters and anything else you need to add that special holiday touch!!!!
  Kristy, 19.11.2018, Dayton    
  Love this!! My grand girl was so happy THANK YOU!!
  Dara Hippen, 16.11.2018, Kansas City    
  Thanks all my children and God children loved them.... It was a great surprise when they opened there letters and the joy we saw in there eyes.. thanks so much.
  Jennifer Cook, 14.11.2018, Daytona Beach    
  I first discovered Elfi last Christmas. The two videos (one I did for my partner John and the he did for me) were marvellous. How the pictures got incorporated into the video inside a book I'll never figure out. Green Screen? Anyway great fun to both give and receive. You are thinking but it is for children, mainly yes, but the child inside us is just as pleased to hear from Santa!
  Chris, 13.11.2018, Bromley    
  This is a wonderful gift that will last forever! Done so well. I bought one last year as well and will continue to do so. Recommend it to everyone who has children in their lives!!
  Franceen Browman, 13.11.2018, Montreal    
  hi guys really good job with the letters this year keep up the good work and have a great christmas take care david barrot
  torquay, 11.11.2018    
  Great Website Santa 😉👉❤️
  Brock, 09.11.2018, Australia    
  My grandaughter was so excited to receive this letter! great graphics, I highly recommend!
  Jennifer Simpson, 08.11.2018, BRISTOL    
  hi guys this year was the first year i used your service through a friend of mine and i was very satified with the way the letters come out see you all next year and keep up the good work take care david barrot
  torquya, 08.11.2018    
  hi guys i was really happpy with the letters easy to read keep up the goodwork see you all next year take cre david
  torqyay, 07.11.2018    
  I love the letter! My daughter will be so excited
  Krystal Greathouse, 07.11.2018, Ravenna    
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