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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They make our heart beats faster.

9.8/10 from (28364) reviews
Thank you!
Your reviews (28364):
  Thanks you
  Hailey Walker, 09.02.2018, Ponchatoula    
  Great alternative as the letters were written too late to get replies thru the mail....
  In Gods Country, 12.01.2018, Alberta    
  Expression on my 4 year old's face was priceless when she received her very own personalized letter from Santa . A keep sake for me to save over the years :D Excellent service and took me less than 5 minutes to personalize the letter
  G Singh, 09.01.2018, secaucus , NJ    
  Excellent - great service!!
  Bec, 08.01.2018, Cork    
  Awesome! I got one for my little sister, and it blew me away at how excited she was to see Santa Claus! Thank you!
  A Person, 08.01.2018, Somewhere, Over the Rainbow    
  Erica Teal Teal, 06.01.2018, Glen burnie    
  Great letter! My son is on the verge of not believing and this pushed him back to the "I believe" side. :)
  Kylie McLucas, 02.01.2018, Ipswich, Queensland    
  Great Letter! Please keep updating and provide Santa letters every year! Thanks for helping my kids have a wonderful and memorable Christmas!
  Lily Hou, 02.01.2018, Granite Bay, CA    
  Kids loved their Santa letters!
  Lisa B, 02.01.2018, Perth, Western Australia    
  Very great!
  David Wang, 02.01.2018, Pittsburgh    
  Super quick... less than 10 minutes to develop my own personal letter for my daughter. It meant the world to her to get a personal letter from Santa.
  Nathan, 01.01.2018, Queen Creek, AZ    
  Great Santa letter!
  Y Wise, 01.01.2018, Portland    
  Perfect! Made a full circle for my little girl's expectation of Santa 2017.
  Bonnie Wallin, 01.01.2018, Machesney Park    
  Fast service. Contained exact information for a perfect teenager.
  Reba Price, 01.01.2018, Hudson    
  great site easy to use and kids loved the letters
  suzy h, 01.01.2018, Chester nj    
  Magical letter
  V S, 01.01.2018, Boonon    
  My daughter was thrilled to receive her letter from Santa! She couldn't wait to tell everyone about it. Thank You So Much!!!!
  Jodi Gallegos Gallegos, 01.01.2018, Colorado Springs    
  My 7-year-old son was so excited to receive his personalized letter! Very magical indeed!!
  S M, 31.12.2017, Omaha    
  It was great to use and it was easy and had great pictures and it’s free
  Vickie Woodruff, 31.12.2017, Australia    
  Was the perfect touch to my son's Christmas stocking. He loved his letter from Santa
  Kaylena Brock Brock, 31.12.2017, Norman    
  It was wonderful! More names of kids should be added. Kids loved it.
  Yuliya Babiychuk, 31.12.2017, Mississauga    
  Great Letter! Kids enjoyed reading it.
  Carrie Nixon, 31.12.2017, Orillia, ON    
  It was simply suberb. Made my son believe Santa is real. The letter was perfrct
  Ramya Ramachandran, 31.12.2017, Hyderabad    
  Thankyou for making the santa letter easy!
  Louise McDonald, 31.12.2017, Mittagong    
  Super! Now that my son is getting older, I thought he would be skeptical but Santa's letter surprised him..and it made him think! Thanks so much!
  Jenn P, 31.12.2017, Los Angeles    
  Quick and easy- kids loved it
  Sharon Robertson, 31.12.2017, Australia    
  The letter was so amazing. My girls loved the personalization from the letter they received from Santa. I would use it again next year.
  Iris, 30.12.2017, Taft    
  DENNIS OSBORNE, 30.12.2017, Fayetteville    
  Great letter absolutely loved it !!
  Kate Harper, 30.12.2017, Durack, Australia    
  Absolutely fantastic. Children (6 and9) believed in everything. So well made . Beautifull scenery. Absolutely recomended.
  Anna Lampa, 30.12.2017, Melbourne    
  It was a great gift for my daughter. Thank you
  Olena, 30.12.2017    
  I loved using elfisanta. So great that you can fully customise the text and really helped my daughter to get back on track when she thought she might go onto the naughty list!
  Melissa Kennedy, 29.12.2017, NSW Australia    
  These are adorable videos--I like that I can do siblings all in one. A little long, to hold the attention of my 4 year old.
  Andrea McCann McCann, 29.12.2017, Sioux Falls    
  Awesome letter!
  Ethel Karavasileiadis, 29.12.2017, Wrentham, Ma    
  It was quick, easy to use and the picture on the letter was nice. I would use this free service again.
  April L, 29.12.2017, Rogers    
  my son loves to receive his Santa letter each year and this the best site thus far I have used it for the last 3/11 years thanks you so much
  raven ainsworth, 29.12.2017, Chicago    
  My grand-daughter was very very happy to get a letter from Santa. The service you provide is excellent and I would do it again.
  Norman Schmidt, 29.12.2017, Winnipeg,MB    
  Great service, really appreciate it being free and being able to write your own words! My kids loved it! Will never go anywhere else for my santa letter, thanks Elfi!
  Jess OC, 29.12.2017, Fort myers    
  My daughter was excited to receive a letter from Santa
  Rebecca Bough-Clukey, 29.12.2017, Orlando    
  Awesome letter from Santa. Kids absolutely loved it. Thank you
  Matthew Su'a, 29.12.2017, Melbourne    
  Was very awesome! My son was so impressed and the video was very believable. He really enjoyed it. Thank you!!!
  Katie Lawrence, 29.12.2017, Colorado    
  I was so pleased with the letters and I know the children was to.
  ANGELA Woody Futrell, 29.12.2017, Saulsbury    
  You made many children on my list very happy this Christmas
  Susan Cabello, 28.12.2017, Laredo    
  my daughter was very happy about your letter. thank you very much
  Olga, 28.12.2017, Regina    
  It was a special treat to see the delight on my grandsons faces whe they each received their Santa letters.The letter template was a great guide. Thank yiu
  D DeYoung, 28.12.2017, Rochester.    
  Absolutely fantastic reply Letter template from Santa. The kids were thrilled to get a personalised letter... Their faces were priceless. Thank you. Great service.
  Lorraine Broderick, 28.12.2017, Ireland    
  Great templates!
  May R, 28.12.2017, Jersey City    
  Amazing site. Very happy children Xmas morning
  Melissa Collins, 27.12.2017, Bowral    
  My grandchildren loved thier letters from Santa and I loved being able to edit them to make them special for them
  Janice Daye, 27.12.2017, Pensacola    
  I'd love to see an Elf (Elf on Shelf) letter option to go with the Santa option.
  Jeff Wichtowski, 27.12.2017, Tonawanda    
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