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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories, which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients. They really warm our hearts.

Thank you!
Your feedback (43209):
  We purchased videos for our 7 grandchildren who are spread out all over the USA. These videos are professionally made and the Santa looks authentic. Very reasonably priced and the ease of sending them to family members is a huge PLUS. Very happy with the quality.
  Annette, 25.11.2020   
  Credo sia una scoperta fantastica... Mio figlio era super emozionato... Video fatto davvero bene... Quando ha babbo natale ha chiamato mio figlio per nome non immaginate la reazione... Sicuramente lo consiglio..
  Sabrina, 18.11.2020   
  Perfect surprise for my, 4 year old daughter and, 2 year old nephew.
  Teresa Robinson, 17.11.2020   
  Amazing the kids absolutely loved it and thought it was great santa new there names what was in there list had pictures and it was really personalised
  Liz, 13.11.2020   
  I Did it for my 2 grand daughters They loved it. Their eyes lit up when Santa said their names and showed them their photos.It is gorgeous. So well done.
  Ann, 10.11.2020   
  ordered one for my daughter and I liked it and felt how happy my kiddo would be this Christmas once she sees it. coz i was satisfied, i ordered one for my goddaughter. Got it on sale!
  mommyaj, 10.11.2020   
  Very nice my daughter loved it she has watched it 1000 times. 100% recommend
  Anita Sikorska, 06.11.2020   
  This was a great experience for us. We cannot afford to pay for all of the resources on this page, but we've got 2 personalized templates of advent calendar for our kids, for free, which will bring a lot of joy to both of them. Thank you from Albania :)
  Ina Kureta, 03.11.2020   
  I ordered the video for my 3 year old little girl. It is brilliant! She is amazed that Santa knows her name and has photos of her. We watch it every day!The process to customise the video was very simple and affordable.Thank you Elfi for making this Christmas even more enjoyable and creating such a beautiful memory.
  Brooke Masterman, 02.11.2020   
  This was money well spent. My kids were ecstatic to see the video and they were so happy to see one of the gifts they are wanting show up on the screen.
  Rhoda Phillips, 29.10.2020   
  absolurely fabulous experience for the children especially in this unknown time It gives thwm some magic back.
  Anne, 28.10.2020   
  I love it ....... Expertly put together and well worththe cost!!Thank you for putting a smile not only on the faces of our Grandchildren, but on ours faces too, Grandma and Grandpa!!
  Rick E Primeau, 26.10.2020   
  That was awesome!!!
  Zaur Alakbarov, 07.01.2020   
  I'm so grateful this page exists. Thank you very much for helping kids dream and live this beautiful experience.
  Elayne Ureña, 03.01.2020   
  The best gift for my baby girl.Thank you.
  dgmare, 30.12.2019   
  My daughter loved the video so much! She watches it every day. I’ll get another video for her next year. Thank you, Elfi!
  Saoirse Sciezka, 29.12.2019   
  Nicely done! The kids loved it!
  Marco Monopoli, 25.12.2019   
  This is an awesome idea, I can wait to see my kids faces when I show it to them. However, the ability to make changes to the name would’ve beneficial since I mistakenly put o e of my children’s names twice.
  Leah Davis, 23.12.2019, Greensboro   
  What a wonderful Christmas video for our Leo! I am telling and sharing to all parents! BRILLIANT,THANK YOU!
  Gabrijela Kramberger, 21.12.2019   
  Love this service they bring so much joy to many people
  charlene southee, 17.12.2019   
  Super cute and easy.
  Angela, 13.12.2019, Kingwood   
  Great product and service. My son was amazed when he saw the santa and video, and Santa mentioned his name. His jaw dropped with excitement when he saw pictures of himself in the santa video.Thank you so much Elfi :)
  troy Davy, 12.12.2019   
  I would like to say that I have a 14 yr old who has lost the magic of Christmas and after getting her to write a letter to Santa it was all worth it to see her face when she received the red package and read it to us. Bravo you guys. It’s nice to see her spark again. Cheers and Merry Christmas
  Sonny, 12.12.2019   
  Great idea, great performance. Unfortunately, there is not Czech language available.
  Monika Vackarova, 10.12.2019   
  it’s really hard to communicate with the customer service. the contact us link is only for FAQ and they don’t really respond. I made a spelling mistake with my fat finger and was hoping who ever print or write that Santa letter will find out and edited it. but the next day i received letter sent notice and mistake still there. ☹️, guess i will have to hide or return that letter.
  Lynn Lee, 10.12.2019   
  My son absolutely loved it! It was so precious watching his face light up when santa said his name and showed his picture! He has since watched the video countless times and still gets such a kick out of it!
  Jessica Lange, 07.12.2019, Vancleave, MS   
  My grandchildren loved it and believed in Santa that much more. Having Santa say their name made it all seem so real to them. They are 5 and 2 and they watched it over and over and I'm sure between now and Christmas their mom and dad are going to be tired of it, but that's ok, It will keep the kids in the Christmas spirit and believing in the magic until Christmas arrives.
  Shelly, 27.11.2019   
  I loved the video it was well done. The letter has not come yet but I'm sure . It will be nicely done as well.
  Melanie Mclean, 26.11.2019   
  Un idea meravigliosa per grandi e piccini. A mio figlio è piaciuto tantissimo. ?
  Samantha cangi, 16.11.2019   
  My grand daughters Rosie and Hailey, both 1year 3months old couldn't believe their eyes when they saw themselves on the TV with Santa especially when he mentioned them by their names. They kept looking at the TV and then at me as if they were telling me "how does Santa know all this about us".All I can say is this is a smashing way how to treat children at Christmas.
  Noel Abela, 14.11.2019   
  Purchasing the video message from Santa has not only brought magic to my 4-year-old, but to all of our family too. We’ve been watching it on repeat and my child really understands the “rules” of Christmas. His behavior has been superb since he received his message from Santa. The personalization, delivery time and video quality are out of this world. I highly recommend this to everyone and will purchasing again!
  Brittany A., 10.11.2019   
  My little ones loved it
  Andrew McGaffin, 28.10.2019   
  My grandson said he believes in Santa after all, because he knew who his friend was.
  Deborah Eastham, 31.01.2019, Robbins   
  It would have been nice to have received a reply to my email. Video was great but the free letter thing has to be fixed. Something so small can ruin such a beautiful thing.
  Javier Luna, 28.01.2019, San Antonio   
  I really enjoyed being able to use this to create letters from Santa for my kids. However I found the editing of the letter to be tricky. There were spots that I wanted to edit and add my own wording and it was messing up the letter where I had to start over.
  Heather Spence, 18.01.2019, Winnipeg   
  My daughter wrote a thank you letter to Santa. Santa wrote back thanking her for her letter as a lot of kids don't do that. She was beyond thrilled! I'll be sharing this site with everyone I know!!
  Carl Drago, 16.01.2019, Lake in the Hills   
  Amazing! I loved it the kids loved it! So easy to do! I will do this every year now I know it exists! You guys are the best! Thank you for making christmas extra special.
  Amy Sinclair, 16.01.2019, Townsville   
  LOVE Elfi! The letters are amazing and so easy to use. The look on my son's face Christmas morning is priceless. I've used Elfi the last 4 years.
  Misty, 13.01.2019, Fort Worth   
  Natalie Bowron, 10.01.2019, Barrow in Furness   
  Beautiful letter form and easy to edit to personalize for the recipient. All at no cost which is amazing!
  Brett, 08.01.2019, Pittsburgh   
  The Santa letters were so easy to do and my grandchildren really loved them ! Thank you
  Mimi, 07.01.2019, Concord   
  This was my first time doing this. And it was awesome. I also did it for my co workers kids. And they loved it and so did mines!! Thank you for allow me to do this for the kids.
  Navoeun Kheng, 06.01.2019, Rialto   
  I used the app 2 years ago and loved it! This year not so much ?. The choices for the videos was not nearly as good as before. I canceled my membership. Not interested in it any more!! I’ll look for other apps!!!
  Mickey, 06.01.2019, Davis   
  My granddaughters were tickled pink to see a letter from Santa next to a plate of half eaten cookies and an empty cup of milk...
  T J Patterson, 05.01.2019, Herndon   
  Thank you so much for giving me the pleasure of writing a letter from Santa to my boys. They surprised and they could not believe it!!! Happy new year to all!!
  Petros, 05.01.2019, Athens   
  Another Christmas and another great service from Elfi. A wonderful gift from such a user friendly and welcoming website. 5 stars yet again. Please keep up the good work in keeping the magic alive.
  Craig, 05.01.2019, Hampshire, England, UK   
  As a Santa portrayer, I can say that this service has improved my visits
  Ron Hensley, 05.01.2019, Loudon   
  This was agreat experience and lovely letters. What I like best is each child received a different letter and it seemed personalized! Which was great. Thanks for making this available.
  nerdgirl, 04.01.2019, harvey   
  I Have used your letters last couple of years. My 9year old daughter is always looking for her letters to come. Thank you for helping her believe in the magic of Santa
  Rebecca Puckett, 04.01.2019, Elizabethton   
  This was a great way to add some additional magic into the season for my daughter, thank you! I love that the letters can be changed to be more personlized as well!
  Stacy mullens, 03.01.2019, Tipp city   
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