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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They make our heart beats faster.
Thank you.

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Your reviews (20021):
  I truly recomend this page! Great service :) And kids...they realy belive it is true :) I came back here every year.Thank you!
  Patrycja Buchmann, 12.10.2017, Nykøbing F.    
  Joesph Delacruz, 12.06.2017, Los Alamos    
  My niece was completely over whelmed
  Amanda Emery, 23.01.2017, Tweed heads west    
  I found a service excellent. My children were very happy. The only concern, I couldn't find the names of my children. Please kindly add them ( Shokhjakhon and Abdurakhmon), so I could use them in the future.
  Otabek Azizov, 17.01.2017, Tashkent    
  Our 4 year old daughter was in awe the moment she heard Santa say her name.She couldn't believe he knew all these things about her.This was a wonderful surprise for her and definitely keeps that Christmas magic alive.We will be doing it again next year and giving it as gifts too.Thank you Santa
  Felicia Pacharis, 12.01.2017, North Las Vegas    
  Awesomeness. My 3 year old granddaughters (twins) were in total awe! I saved to disc so they will have it forever.
  Donna Stone, 11.01.2017, South Range    
  My eight year old daughter received her letter from Santa on Christmas morning and she absolutely loved it!! Thank you for making this possible!!
  Morris Mott, 11.01.2017, Plainfield    
  The kids loved it! Thanks you for giving us grandparents an option to provide an magical moment for the kiddos!
  Valerie Boettcher, 11.01.2017, Stillwater, MN    
  This is an absolutely magical website! What a joy you brought to my grandkids! Thank you!
  Valerie Boettcher, 11.01.2017, Stillwater, MN    
  My 7-year-old son loved the letter.
  Jun K., 11.01.2017, Fremont    
  It was perfect!! Worth every penny!
  A K, 11.01.2017, Winnipeg Manitoba    
  Great idea for children of all ages who believe in the spirit of Santa Claus! My kids loved their letters and the fact that they are free, is a blessing to parents who may not be able to afford a payment. I will defiantly be visiting your website every year!!
  Tiffany L., 11.01.2017, Mishawaka    
  My children look forward to their videos from Santa every year. We've made it a tradition of watching them together on Xmas eve right before bed. Thank you for making Christmas so magical!
  Erin Murphy, 10.01.2017, Peterborough    
  My 9 year old and 11 year old kids enjoyed getting a personalized letter from Santa Clause. Especially my son, because he was so excited to read the letter.
  Noyem Voskanyan, 10.01.2017, North Hollywood CA    
  My 7 year old really enjoyed getting a personalized letter from Santa.
  Kristen Jackson, 10.01.2017, Carleton    
  Loved them. Received them in a timely manner and my grandchildren loved them.
  Carol Cyran, 10.01.2017, Manchester    
  Great idea for the kids. My little one loved it!
  Jana Cole, 10.01.2017, Wellington    
  I wasn't able to download the letter it was a pity because it was a lovely letter
  Patricia Manning, 09.01.2017, Limerick    
Our comment: Dear customer, I have sent you the PDF letter via email, please contact us at [email protected] for any further issues. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  It was a truly magical video, one that I loved to share with my children and grandson!
  Viki Alles-Crouch, 09.01.2017, Otttawa    
  I highly recommend this letter for kids. My niece and nephew loved it
  Lisa McCutcheon, 09.01.2017, Limerick    
  Loved personalizing a letter for my granddaughter. Her face just glowed when she was reading it.
  Barbara Lenker, 06.01.2017, Harrisburg    
  kids loved it. Wasn't sure if the 9 year old would go for it but he couldn't wait to tell his friends that Santa send him a video
  nicole defreitas, 04.01.2017, bayside    
  The letter never came
  Cheryl Anderson, 04.01.2017, Gurnee    
Our comment: Hello, Please note that you cannot order a printed letter from USA, you have to download the PDF version of your personalized letter from Santa from our website. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  The kids replay the emailed link repeatedly! It was so amazing and touching as parents to see the joy, excitement, and thrill faces when Santa said each one of their names along with the his fancy workshop.
  Maegan Coker, 02.01.2017, Cumming    
  My son liked the video very much and smiles every time we start it again!
  Marie Ballantyne, 01.01.2017, St.Marys    
  I wasn't quite sure how to review this. My kids loved it but I put 3 stars because I felt like it was over priced. If I hadn't purchased with a Groupon I wouldn't have bothered with it. We used another site last year that offered a very similar service for free, I will probably use that one next year.
  Rebecca Capone, 01.01.2017, USA    
  My nephew loved the video, but there are some bugs that need to be worked out. The video would not download completely on my phone or laptop. The video also kept freezing on the computer, it took almost twenty minutes to watch. My nephew is optimistic and attributed the continuous buffering and freezing to Santa having bad reception in the North Pole. Even this comments page does not work well.
  Lauren A Oliva, 31.12.2016, Lynwood    
  This is awesome! I created a different letter from Santa for each of our 6 grandchildren. Total hit! Even the eldest (age 12) was surprised. We also enclosed in a gift box, a girl elf to help their boy elf with his nightly Christmas surprises. Priceless & treasured memories! Thank you!
  Nana Clause, 26.12.2016, Daphne    
  I received the video, but it will not play without freezing up. I tried to download, but it only downloaded partial video. Very disappointing. How can it be fixed?
  Abby Arenas, 19.12.2016, Houston    
Our comment: Dear customer, I have emailed you so we can resend you the video. Please check your emails. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  I received it, but it won't play continuously. It freezes every couple seconds. Any way to fix that?
  Molly Riggs, 17.12.2016, Oakwood    
Our comment: Dear customer, I have emailed you so we can solve the problem. Please check your emails. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  Never received it
  Kate Falconer, 15.12.2016    
Our comment: Dear customer, I emailed you to resend you the video. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  beautiful video. My 3 year old daughter loves it and she has been watching it a couple of times a day. Initially she was afraid of the whole Santa concept, now she is looking forward to meet him. Thank you so much!
  Codruta Abhilash, 14.12.2016, Lethbridge    
  Loved the video but the opening freezes every 2 seconds until you get inside Santa's house.
  Leslee Marlow, 13.12.2016, Seaside    
Our comment: Hello, I emailed you to solve the problem. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  Actually it looks darling. She has not seen it yet. Her Mommy and I have been trying to watch it but it has skips and very long pauses
  Cheryl Timmons, 12.12.2016, Osceola    
Our comment: Dear customer, we cannot reach your email, please send us a message at [email protected] so we can fix the problem. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  We never got the video.
  Judy Arroyo, 10.12.2016, Massapequa    
Our comment: Dear customer, please check your emails, I have contacted you so I can send you back your video. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  My 2 year old son is learning about Santa for the first time, and this was the BEST introduction! He was floored when Santa said his name, and specially when he saw the personalized photos. Very clever idea, and very well executed! I've told all my friends with kids about Elfi, and we'll be doing it again next year. :)
  Brianna Wypich, 07.12.2016, Austin, TX    
  My video will not download, nor can anyone on face book open my shared video I tried the e-mail like yet nobody I sent it to could open it. On the FAQs it says it could be the adobe flash player of codec, but it is highly unlikely since I can view the video when I click to view it online. I wouldn't normalyy leave this comment here but I am rather frustrated and looking for some help.
  Lindsey Benavides, 02.12.2016, USA    
Our comment: Dear customer, I wrote you an email to help you with this matter. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  I have paid for 2 videos have not received any one of them
  Chantea Nesmith, 01.12.2016, Rochester    
Our comment: Dear customer, I have written you an email so I can send you the videos via another link. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
  Liliana Romero, 28.11.2016, Fowler    
  We really like it!!
  Barbara Compaire, 27.11.2016, Genova    
  This was amazing, my daughter watched the video so many times & the magic in her eyes was priceless. Thanks so much
  Misty Marex, 26.11.2016, North higglsnds    
  Haha Dobra sprawa ;)))
  Karolina ., 25.11.2016, Corby    
  Love it! Can't wait to see the look on my grandson's face when he sees this! The video is well done and oh so magical. Showed it to my neighbour and she had to make one for her 3 grandkids! This is what Christmas is all about! Thank You Elfi for giving us the magic of Santa! Cheers~
  Dee Lite, 24.11.2016, Toronto Ontario    
  I love you Santa
  Draven Dubois Dubois, 23.11.2016, Petal    
  My 2 year old daughter really loved this and was so happy and excited.
  Kelly Morse, 20.11.2016, Thonhill    
  My daughter and all the family really liked it!!
  Barbara Compaire, 20.11.2016, Genova Italy    
  Best gift for a 3 year old that loves Santa. It is a truly magical message.
  Leila Hundal, 16.11.2016, Matkham    
  I can't get your site to except my Groupon code
  Vanessa Deal, 14.11.2016, LITHIA springs    
Our comment: Dear Customer Thank you for your opinion. Please contact us at [email protected] to be helped. We tried to contact you via email but your email account is not responding as all the correspondence cannot be delivered. Yours sincerely Elfi Team
  Anything that can help Santa and his Elfman Dale give my nephew Ronin a great magical Christmas is a wonderful thing here to keep the joy,wonder,and magic this holiday season thanks so much
  Santania Alington Alington, 13.11.2016, Elmira    
  My son loved his letter video from Santa
  Irene Hill, 06.11.2016, Dexter    
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