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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories, which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients. They really warm our hearts.

Thank you!
Your feedback (41718):
  Son Tran, 02.01.2019, Edmonton   
  We decided on the traditional letter approach and the templates Efi provided were excellent. The pre-written text gave us some really good ideas, and the ability to add your own custom text or take out the bits you don't want just added to the great overall experience. Great product which I will recommend to my friends.
  Dom, 02.01.2019, Surrey   
  My daughter wanted asked the elf for a note from Santa - this was a nice touch to have waiting for her under the tree.
  Bryan L., 01.01.2019, MA   
  Thanks! It’s great! Спасибо большое!
  Anna, 01.01.2019, Мурманск   
  Loved the letter variety and the ease of editing them to make them more personal. I did one for each of my 3 kids and they loved them! Thank you so much!
  I needed a last minute letter from Santa and this was perfect! Highly recommend. So glad I found your site.
  S, 01.01.2019, Gulfport   
  I purchased piano lessons for my daughter as a Christmas gift. This site has the perfect letters from Santa. I printed out one of the many perfect letters and customized it for my daughter. She loved it, and the lessons of course! A great service and it was actually free. That's hard to find and leaves no question in my mind that Elfi will receive my business in the future, free or not.
  Jon, 01.01.2019, Lancaster   
  Awesome experience! Made a very happy little man!
  Lori, 01.01.2019, Carlisle   
  My son was happy to receive a letter from Santa. It made he day. I’ll be doing the same thing again next year for him and others.
  Angela, 01.01.2019, NC   
  Fabulous website. Cannot recommend it highly enough! The children were utterly blown away with their letters - well done!
  Kiron, 01.01.2019, Cardiff   
  My 2 youngest grandsons are brothers, both 11 years old, (just under 10 months apart in age), and not really believing in Santa anymore. I figured this would be the first year of not receiving letters from Santa and they wouldn't even miss them. Boy, was I wrong!!!! After opening all of their gifts and eating breakfast, they went back to their own house for a few hours but commented about not receiving letters from Santa before leaving. While I was preparing Christmas dinner, I went to your website, quickly found the after-Christmas letters from Santa, printed out one for each of the boys, and hung them up on the wall in their bedrooms. When they returned later in the afternoon and discovered the letters on their bedroom walls, the hooting and hollering of sheer joy was priceless!!!! They both remarked that Santa hadn't forgotten them and they will be leaving the letters up all year. It was the best gift they received and I sincerely thank you for providing the opportunity to use the website.
  Kathryn, 01.01.2019, Pinellas Park   
  This is unbelievable! I will be using this every year. What a fun idea my child loved the letter.
  Katie, 01.01.2019, St.Paul   
  Sue Porter-arnold, 01.01.2019, Otway   
  Love the concept of the letter. Exactly what i needed for my son. He couldn't stop talking about it. Wish the editing process had spell check though. My son is tooo smart and found an error on the part i changed ?
  Coreen P James, 01.01.2019, New York City   
  The wonder in the kids eyes is priceless. Editable message and quick production of the letter can make a last minute idea an incredible touch for the Xmas experience
  Max, 01.01.2019, Toronto   
  The letter was the perfect thing to announce our son's Christmas present!
  Amy, 01.01.2019, New york   
  This was the best letter to my son! I love how the letter looked and the content! I would recommend this to everyone!
  Kimberly, 01.01.2019, Lakewood   
  My kids loved it!!!
  steele scott, 01.01.2019, COLONIAL HEIGHTS   
  Printed the letter from Santa last minute.. Was easy and allowed to edit the text. Kids were super happy.
  Neha, 01.01.2019, Ashford   
  Elfi's letters from Santa are absolutely great! I was able to prepare a nice letter from Santa for my daughters utilizing one of their pre-written templates. Just add a few personal thoughts and touches you'll have a great one for your child/grandchild as well!!
  Randy W., 01.01.2019, California,MD   
  Loved it
  Michael, 01.01.2019, Fontana   
  Awesome! I've used it for two years now
  Emily H, 01.01.2019, BELLEVUE   
  The letter from Santa was great my granddaughters were thrilled Santa remembered them. I am so happy you thought of it. Best wishes and a happy new year to all. Ann brown Western Australia
  ann brown, 01.01.2019, wannanup   
  Thank! Some little girls I know were thrilled to get their letters! Definitely will use this again! Thank you
  Karen Matthews, 01.01.2019, LaurelMS   
  Such a wonderful product. My son was excited to get a letter from Santa!! It was quick and easy and the price was perfect.... FREE! Thanks so much!!
  J.A. Rodriguez, 01.01.2019, New HYork   
  So much FUN!
  Bliss Forrer, 31.12.2018, Midlothian, VA   
  Absolutely Amazing !!! Even adult can enjoy so much and bring big smile & happiness. On 24th Dec, I happened to know your site. Right away, I ordered a video for my loved one from France, age 26. He was sooooooo happy and excited when he watched it, so as I. It was perfect Christmas gift. Thank you very much. Excellent service too. I uploaded photos and ordered ( my first order), then 30 minutes later, I changed a few photos. But just within 2 hours from my first order, video was created exactly on time. Definitely I will order next Christmas too. Thanks billion times !!!!!!
  Chie, 31.12.2018, Japan   
  My girls loved their letter! They still believe : )
  Giaco, 31.12.2018, Montreal   
  Brilliant letter template, customised to my preference... Will use again thank you
  WillIam Finnigan, 31.12.2018, Liverpool   
  Excellent product and service. Mine was completely free and served its purpose. I will be back next year even if it costs money.
  Roy Ray, 31.12.2018, North Olmsted   
  Thank you so much for your help. Before I stumbled upon your site I was in the process of creating my own letter from Santa. This worked so much better. The fact that it was free made it much more exciting. My daughter loved the letter so much.
  Aridni, 31.12.2018, WPB   
  Amazing service Great prices Prompt delivery
  Beckie, 31.12.2018, Napier   
  My 4 year old son LOVED his personalized letter from Santa! At first he didn't want me to read it because he knew his behavior hadn't been very good lately, but after we read the letter, he asked several times if I thought he got more "good" tally marks since Santa said he had 4, but would like to see a few more before Christmas. Very easy to personalize the letter, print, and the background looks great! Thank you!
  Becky, 31.12.2018, Chippewa Falls   
  Lisa, 31.12.2018, Perth   
  Thank you. This was an excellent service. My daughter was really happy to receive a letter from Santa it made her Christmas sooo special.
  Faz, 31.12.2018, London, UK   
  Loved it
  Kathy, 31.12.2018, Bellwood   
  Amazing daughter was so surprised. Thanks so much.
  Irina Kvjatkovska, 31.12.2018, Galway city   
  Fabulous idea for children at Christmas both my children aged 9 and 5 loved it !
  G miller, 31.12.2018, West Yorkshire   
  Great. Simple to use and great quality. Thanks
  Trazie, 31.12.2018, Roermond, netherlands   
  All my Children were over the moon that they all got a letter from sants. Will be using this with coming years. Thank you
  Kev, 31.12.2018, palmerston north   
  I created a letter from Santa for my granddaughter from your website. I loved the way you could make it personal and meaningful. We put it in our mailbox and when our granddaughter came over she ran to the mailbox on Christmas Eve and pulled out her letter from Santa mixed in with our regular mail. She ran into the house and read the letter out loud. She was so excited especially when the letter talked about things that were about her.
  Judy D., 31.12.2018, California   
  Fantastic my 7 year old will cherish the memory of getting a letter from Santa forever. ;)
  William Harrison, 31.12.2018, San Clemente   
  Loved our Santa letter thx u
  Aj philp, 31.12.2018, Valencia   
  Thank you, the letter from santa was amazing, and my son loved it. Thank you so much
  Troy, 31.12.2018, Perth, Western Australia   
  My daughter did this for her baby brother. He lit up when she read it to him. He carried it around the house then slept with it under his pillow. Love. Thank you!
  Jennifer, 30.12.2018, Gatineau   
  I loved the letter from Santa for my little girl, but it wasn’t free ?. I had to pay 3GBP. So for this reason only giving you a 4*
  Jane Dummett, 30.12.2018, Uk ??   
  Super easy to use and my kids were so excited! Thank you
  Shalana, 30.12.2018, Larimore   
  The program was easy to follow and my grand daughters thoroughly enjoyed receiving their santa letters. Thank you Stan
  Stan, 30.12.2018, Fenelon Falls Ontario   
  My four grand-daughters absolutely loved the letters from Santa! They couldn't believe that their Elf on the Shelf reaaly had told Santa everything they'd been up to!
  Bruce Rundle, 30.12.2018, Greenwith, Australia   
  My daughter absolutely loved this...I can definitely say it was her favorite part of Christmas. she wanted to read it before opening her gifts... She took it everywhere and read it to everyone.... It was great
  Shawna Boyd, 30.12.2018, Oklahoma City   
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