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What Do Kids All Over the World Call Santa Claus?


You probably know him simply as Santa. Maybe Jolly-Old Saint Nick. Or perhaps even Kris Kringle. In any case, you know him as the guy who goes out of his way every year to make Christmas awesome for kids all over the world. Just as long as you mail your letters to the North Pole in time, you can rest assured he’ll be paying you a visit!

But what about kids overseas? Let’s say you lived in somewhere like Russia, China or even Turkey – would you still call Santa? And if not, who would you address your letters and Christmas lists to?

No matter where you live, Santa makes sure every Christmas is as magical as it can possibly be. But in case you’ve ever wondered how they do things differently overseas, here’s how to say Santa Claus in 10 different languages:

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Norwegian?

Starting with an interesting variation, the traditional White Christmas in Norway is made all the more special by the Christmas gnome or ‘Julenissen’.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In French?

French children write their letters to Father Christmas like we do, only they address their notes to ‘Père Noël’.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Italian?

While enjoying some of the most incredible Christmas delicacies of any country on Earth, kids in Italy await their annual visit from ‘Babbo Natale’.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In German?

Home to fairytale Christmas markets and the kind of festive cheer you can’t help but love, German kids call Santa Claus ‘Weihnachtsmann’, which means Christmas Man.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Finnish?

Another country where a White Christmas is pretty much guaranteed, ‘Joulupukki’ is the name of the chap who does his rounds with a sack full of goodies!

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Portuguese?

Father Christmas goes by the name of ‘Pai Natal’ in Portgual, where snow Christmas settings are usual confined to the mountains.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Japanese?

Over in Japan, Santa Claus isn’t quite the same holly-jolly guy he is over here. Instead, he’s called ‘Hoteiosho’ and is a god or priest who brings gifts.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Russian?

Often dressed in blue rather than red, Santa Claus in Russia goes by the name of ‘Ded Moroz’ which means Grandfather Frost.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Chinese?

Santa’s also a little different over the way in China, where he’s referred to by the curios title of ‘Lao Ren’ which means Christmas Old Man.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Turkish?

Last but not least, those warm and sunny Christmas mornings in Turkey rely on an annual visit courtesy of ‘Noel Baba’.

Whatever you choose to call him, he’s hiding out at the North Pole right now, already getting his team of Elves ready for the best Christmas ever in 2018!

For more information on how to contact Santa Claus directly at any time of year, get in touch with a member of the Elfi support team today.

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