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One of a Kind Santa Letters & Video Messages


Let there be no mistaking the fact! Christmas day is quite simply the most magical day of the year for every man, woman and child on our humble planet Earth. A day which truly is like no other day in the calendar and a time to celebrate with no holding back!

It is the one exceptional occasion where we can share love, gifts and special moments with our most treasured friends and those who will remain forever closest and dearest to our hearts – with plenty of food and drink on the table, lots of laughter and joy in our spirits and an abundance of personal cards, thoughtful messages and imaginative presents sent from one friend to another with the deepest of sentiment and the most sincerely heartfelt meaning.

As we grow older, the magic of Christmas time can sometimes be overshadowed by our forever complicated lives, commitments and obligations, but somehow the magical glow and sparkle that late December holds seems to manifest itself and rise above the stress of it all in every set of circumstances.

You may be mistaken that Christmas is a time that is to be enjoyed by only the youngest members of the family, but Christmas day is much more than that! It is also a time where grown-ups get to put their differences aside, if only for a day, and show each other how much they actually do care for those around them who are an integral part of their lives.

In terms of presents and gifts, it is always important to show that you have put some serious thought into the matter so that the person receiving their yuletide souvenir appreciates the effort you have made and knows that you truly were thinking of nobody else but them.

So, this Christmas, why not think of doing something a little bit different by means of a highly personalised and extraordinarily convincing letter from the man we call Father Christmas!

Whether it’s a personalized video message from Santa Claus that you would like to share with your colleagues from work and your friends down at the gym, or a joyous letter from Santa that you would like send to your children so that you can let them know that Santa Claus has received their Christmas wish list and that he is going to send them everything they want, a surprise Santa letter will truly amaze and astonish each and every time!

Our highly innovative Santa letters and beautifully recorded Santa video messages are produced professionally to the highest of standards, with the unique content that you request which will mean the world to the child or grown-up who is receiving the gift.

Happy Christmas,

From Santa and his helpers!

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