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How to Create the Perfect Letter from Santa


A personalised letter from Santa serves as a truly magical gift idea that will bring joy and excitement to any child or grown up who still believes in the true spirit of Christmas.

So, how do you go about crafting the perfect Santa reply in order to make it a highly authentic and completely believable correspondence from Lapland?

Here are 5 simple steps that you should follow to ensure your success!

Make It Personal
First of all, make sure that the envelope itself is personally addressed to the child that is receiving it. Also, include the child’s name at least a couple of times throughout the main content of the letter in order to reinforce the idea that Santa is actually writing to them.
In order to make the letter even more personal, make sure that Santa mentions a few things that are familiar to the child – such as the name of a best friend or a favourite family pet. You should also include the child’s age – and details of any good or bad behaviour that has recently gone on display – so that the child knows that they will only be rewarded with presents in return for being nice!

Offer Words of Encouragement
If a child is being well behaved in the run up to Christmas, then make sure that Santa knows all about this. For example, if they have been given a good report card from school or they have helped with the chores at home – make sure Santa points this out in no uncertain terms as this will encourage the child to keep the good behaviour up!

Ask the Child to Do Something
Getting Santa to ask a child to do something – like making sure their room is tidy or doing their home work on time – is an excellent way of helping them develop good habits which will serve them well in later life. Also, why not put a message from Santa asking the child to put a glass of milk on the fireplace or next to the tree so that he can quench his thirst when he comes to deliver the presents this year.

Compliment the Child
Instead of focusing on any bad behaviour – compliment the child on their good qualities. This will make your child feel special and appreciated without causing any negative feelings.

Never Stray Out of Character
When you are composing a handwritten letter from Santa, it is important to use the kind of language that Father Christmas would actually use himself in order to make the illusion believable.

Always keep the writing joyful and cheerful – and remember to talk about the Elves and the Reindeer – along with a few words about the cold weather in the chilly North Pole!

Also – remember to include the words “Ho Ho Ho!” whenever Santa Claus is laughing out loud.

To Summarise
personalised Christmas letter from Santa Claus is a simple gift idea that can bring a lot of joy and pleasure to children of all ages. If you want to reinforce the idea that Father Christmas is real and you want to make your child feel good about themselves this year, remember that a well crafted letter is a powerful tool that can really help out.

Of course, if you really want to surprise your child, then why not order personalised video message from Santa?

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