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How to Create a Heart-Warming Christmas Eve Box


Still searching for ideas to make this Christmas Eve even more magical? We’ve got just the thing – get started on your very own Christmas Eve box, right now!

In a nutshell, a Christmas Eve box handed to your kids on Christmas Eve can make the countdown to the big day as special as Christmas morning. Take an ordinary box, cram it with extraordinary goodies and share the experience as a family.

Stuck for ideas as to what should go in there?

Well, step one is to find yourself an ordinary box, grab yourself some craft supplies and give it a full-scale festive makeover. You could buy a ready-made Christmas box, but trust us – half the enjoyment is in the DIY!

As for what to put in it, be as creative and imaginative as possible. Some bits you can buy, but others you can and really should make from scratch. To get you started, here’s a rundown of a few of our favourite items to go in your Christmas Eve box:

  1. Letters from Santa

First up, our personalised letters from Santa are great for kids of all ages. There’s nothing quite like receiving a personal letter from the big guy himself, just hours before the big day! There’s also no better way of ensuring your kids get a good night’s sleep and behave – chances are they’ll do whatever Santa tells them to do!

  1. Magic Key

If your home doesn’t have a chimney, you can’t expect to convince your kids that’s how he’ll make his way in. Instead, include a ‘magic key’ for Santa in the box – any old key spruced up a little with a few festive embellishments. Not to mention, a little note warning not to touch the key before Santa has made his rounds.

  1. Colouring Books and Crafts

It’s always great to get the kids involved in a few festive crafts on Christmas Eve. As such, your box could include colouring books, stickers and craft kits of all shapes and sizes. Create your own decorations and keepsakes to hold onto for life.

  1. Cookies for Santa

Of course, there needs to be something in there to be left out for Santa (and his reindeer) when they pop by. And as everyone knows Santa can’t resist Christmas Cookies, feel free to pop a few of these in your box too.

  1. Last-Minute Letters

There’s still time for your kids to write to Santa and let him know all about how good they’ve been all year. Not to mention, those last-minute gift-wish lists! Give your kids one last opportunity to write to Santa with some festive paper, pens, envelopes and whatnot.

  1. Festive Treats

Last but not least, don’t forget to throw in a few extra treats to make Christmas Eve that little bit sweeter! Candy canes, mince pies and other kids’ favourites – just a little taste of what’s to come when the big day dawns tomorrow!

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