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Five Epic Christmas Party Games to Try Out


Christmas gives all of us the perfect excuse to throw a party or two for those closest to us. And of course, there’s nothing quite like a fun party game or two along the way!

So if you’re planning to throw a party of any kind this Christmas, here’s a quick rundown of five festive party games you might want to try out:

The Santa Hat Game

So easy yet so much fun, all you need to do here is give each of your guests a Santa hat as they arrive. After this, it’s a case of telling them not to take them off until they see that you’ve removed yours. Whoever is last to notice you’ve taken off your hat and is therefore still wearing theirs has to do a forfeit of some kind. It’s a great game you can repeat as many times as you like during the night, just to see who’s paying attention!

The Human Christmas Tree

As the name quite rightly suggests, this game involves choosing a volunteer…maybe using the game above…and seeing how well you can dress them up like a Christmas tree in 5 minutes. You might want to be careful with the electric lighting of course, but everything else is fair game!

Oven Mitt Unwrap

This one is great for both the party itself and Christmas morning. It’s simply a case of fitting the participant with a pair of thick oven gloves, presenting them with a well-wrapped parcel and seeing how quickly they can unwrap it. Or on the other hand, it can be played like pass-the-parcel, where it gets passed around until the music stops, at which point the holder gets 20 seconds and a pair of oven gloves to try unwrapping it. Rest assured, it’s even more difficult to do than it sounds!

The Balancing Ornament Game

Take a long stick, balance it on the top of an upstanding cardboard tube and arm yourself with a load of hooked ornaments. It’s then simply a case of assigning teams of two, who must then see how many ornaments they can balance on the stick without it falling off. The team with the most ornaments after 60 seconds is the winner – falling tubes mean instant disqualification.

Marshmallow Relay Toss

Last but not least, while there’s a pretty strong chance this little game will descend into a full-blown food fight…well, that’s also a fun party game in its own right! There are quite a few ways of playing this, but one of the best is to pair up, stand a good 15-20 feet apart and take turns throwing marshmallows into the other person’s mouth. Each successful shot scores a point, the highest score wins…not to mention comes away with a chance of belly-ache!

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