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Craving already? Christmas in July


Craving Christmas already? Trust us – you’re not alone!

This is always the time of year when we find ourselves counting down the days to the next holiday season. We’re right in between last Christmas and next Christmas, dreaming of all those holly-jolly days to come.

But here’s the thing – who’s to say we can’t all enjoy a taste of the festive season, right at the heart of summer? Why should Christmas be reserved exclusively for the wintertime?

Or more importantly, who says Christmas can only come once a year?

Christmas in Summer Time

If you’ve never come across the idea of Christmas in July before, you’re long overdue something special! Whether you’re looking for a break from the relentless heat or simply can’t wait to break out the decorations once again, you don’t have to!

Recognized as an unofficial (though not unimportant) holiday in countless countries, Christmas in July delivers exactly what it promises. That being, a complete taste of all-things fun and festive, right at the heart of summer. It’s a seriously regional holiday – some places embracing it, others are doing no such thing. Depending on where you live, Christmas in July could pass by unnoticed, or could potentially see your entire town transformed into a summertime Christmas paradise!

Christmas in July brings all the traditions and activities you’d normally wait until December for. Christmas shopping, enormous Christmas dinners for friends and family, decorated stores and businesses – the whole nine yards. And while it might feel a little on the weird side the first time, get into the swing of things and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all these years!

The Origins of Christmas in July

So, how did the whole thing get started in the first place? Truth is, nobody really knows. It’s generally accepted that Christmas in July started somewhere in Europe, but nobody is sure how or why. Some say it’s to do with folks in generations gone craving the cooler weather of the winter. Others insist it all began when people who simply craved Christmas decided to start giving gifts and celebrating all-things festive at the halfway point to the next Christmas.

In any case, it’s a tradition that’s gained enormous popularity in various parts of Europe and beyond. In fact, Christmas in July is now a much bigger deal here in the United States and over in Australia than it is elsewhere.

And trust us when we say that once you’ve experienced Christmas in July for yourself, you’ll be hooked for life!

The Best of Both!

Whatever the weather and time of year, it’s always the perfect time to get festive. After all, Christmas should be about spending some amazing time with friends and family, enjoying fabulous food and being thankful for what really matters.

Here at Elfi, we’d be happy to help out by getting in touch with the big guy and organizing a personalized letter or video message. After all, it’s Christmas 365 days a year in Santa’s home town!

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