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Christmas Related Recipes


If you love Christmas as much as we do, you’ll probably spend the whole year dreaming about the decadent delights you’ll once again be cooking up in December. But here’s the thing – who’s to say you can’t indulge in the middle of August?

Take it from us when we say that if you’ve never enjoyed a Christmas Dinner or mince pie in the middle of August, you’re missing out on a treat!

So if you’d like to get a taste of all-things festive now without having to wait, we’d highly recommend giving any of the following recipes a go:

Christmas Turkey by Jamie Oliver

First up, Jamie Oliver has probably the best recipe for traditional Christmas turkey we’ve come across to date. Simple and delicious with a classic homemade sage, onion and pork stuffing, try it once and you might never look at the dried stuff the same again!

Sticky Figgy Puddings by Howard Middleton

The dessert to end all dessert – it’s a crime we only tuck into them once or twice a year. Contrary to popular belief, knocking up your own figgy pudding at home doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. Gorgeously flavourful with figs, coffee and that sticky date sauce, chances are it’ll become a year-round favourite in your home!

Perfect Roast Potatoes by Nigella Lawson

As for those all-important roast potatoes, Nigella was brave enough to call hers ‘perfect’ and you’d be hard-pressed to argue! Master this recipe that includes goose fat and semolina and they’ll become a weekend staple on every roast you cook up, Christmas or otherwise!

Low-Calorie Turkey Curry by Karen Burns-Booth

Last but not least, a brilliant way of getting rid of leftover turkey following the big day, you’ll also love this gorgeously fragrant curry as an al-fresco dinner on a summer’s eve! Deliciously creamy and bursting with exotic flavour, you’ll find it hard to believe it’s also one of the healthiest homemade curries you’ll ever eat!

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