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Writing letters to Santa - what to say and ask

How to contact santa?

Things to consider when writing letters to SantaThere are many ways to contact this one in a kind man with grey beard and red suit called santa. One of them is the most obvious – to visit him. Although it is not the easiest way, contacting santa claus this way could be the quickest. Among the other ways of contacting him is to send santa a letter. This is the most common way when making a contact with santa claus. It is also quite easy to guess that a letter to santa cannot be skimpy. It shoud be refined and written with willingness. Therefore before you send santa a letter, or rather before you let your children do it, there are few things you need to know. If it is to writing letters to santa it should be done well. This means you should tell your children to focus on both composition and decoration. When you write to santa you should first of all include a sentence about your, or rather your children, good behavior, about being nice during the passing year. You can of course send santa a letter for some other reasons than chirstmas presents, but in most cases children write to santa claus when they wish to ask him for some presents on the Christmas day. Therefore it is very important that a child, or you if you wish, include a gift list when writing letters to santa. When you write a letter to santa you need also write your name and the exact address on the envelope. It is also important to sign the letter to santa claus, for he gets thousands of letters every year and it could be hard for the elves to verify where does that unsigned letter come from and who had written it. Therefore when you write santa a letter do not forget to sign it below, it is extremely important to do so. And how will he contact you? On the christmas day or actually a night before it he will slip through the chimney a put some presents under the christmas tree. Therefore when you write letters to santa there must be a list of presents included. Otherwise he will bring you whatever he thinks you may like, and please do remember that he is an old man and could not exactly guess what would be the best present for you. On the other hand santa claus is on the market from some time now and he has many co-workers operating worldwide, perhaps thanks to that he will be able to fulfil the deepest need of children's minds.

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