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The most popular gifts for girls this Christmas

The most popular gifts for girls

Popular Christmas presents for girls this year

Every year thousands or even millions of letters from children all over the world are delivered to Santa’s workshop. Also each year children come up with better ideas for original presents they would like to find under the Christmas tree when Christmas comes. Apart from complex gadgets, children very often write to me asking for traditional toys, which may have also been desired by their parents. Among all the letters I receive from younger girls, the most popular request is a doll house. Together with my brave little helpers, the elves, we have created a sort of a list of the most popular gifts for girls. Having analysed the matter carefully we have decided that girls are the most happy to receive toys which prepare them for the role of a great mum, housewife and a socially active person.

The most popular gifts are namely plastic kitchen sets equipped with a toy oven, sink, kitchen accessories, shelves, cutlery stands and so on. Girls also often ask for sets of pink plastic dishes to serve meals on to their teddies and dolls. A very popular idea for a present for a girl is also a toy cash register which imitates a professional cash desk that children are familiar with from their visits in big supermarkets. This type of gift brings hours of fun to girls who love to play shop. It may be equipped with, for example, a barcode scanner, a card terminal or may come with products on sale. It is therefore only necessary to let the child’s imagination go wild to ensure a great playtime. As Santa, I would like to point out that the most popular gifts for girls are also Barbie dolls. These days, those dolls are obviously much more modern than several years ago. A talking, singing doll or one capable of recording sound and replaying it in her own voice is very entertaining to every little girl. Apart from that, extremely popular Christmas presents I bring to little girls are also, for example: colourful plastic jewellery, diaries, board games and children’s karaoke sets, microphones and toy instruments like guitars, trumpets, drums etc.

Girls can write letter to Santa or get Santa Claus video.


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