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The most popular gifts for boys at Christmas time

The most popular gifts for boys

What to get your son for Christmas

Every year, as Santa Claus, I am responsible for reading letters from all good children who want to receive unique gifts for Christmas. Later, I need to carefully prepare (with the help of my elves) every single toy. The times are changing but children aren’t. Each year they ask me not only (as many adults might think) for brand new gadgets, but also for traditional toys which were popular many years ago – when their parents were children themselves. As for letters I get from boys, very often they ask me for toys such as cars, roller coaster sets, plane models etc. Boys like all kinds of toys and often they want to be able to show them off at their nursery.

The most popular gifts for boys are without a doubt the ones which bring the child a lot of joy, and at the same time educate them through play. I should mention race tracks. The child, while constructing the track, is learning logical thinking, while play itself gives them lots of fun. Also remote controlled cars are very popular. A good example is a brand new “Lamborghini” which (controlled by the little one) will skilfully slalom around the chairs at the Christmas table. Slightly younger boys very often ask in their letters to Santa for various toy instruments. A mini guitar, drum set or a trumpet and a saxophone in one are without a doubt great presents which always put a big smile on the child’s face.  As Santa, I find that gifts for boys also include computer games and (although they are becoming less and less popular) video games. Every little computer maniac will enjoy this kind of present and this is the reason why computer games are replacing board games under the Christmas tree. Among the most popular gifts for boys, Lego building blocks are high on the list of ever-so-popular presents. I always smile when I see another child (because it’s not just boys that ask for them) mention Lego blocks in their letter to me. Other extremely popular presents for boys are also pets – because the child’s dream of having a dog never dies. You can always send a letter to Santa, receive personalised letters from Santa or get Santa personalized video


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