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Preparing for Christmas 2016


One of the best things about Christmas is the fact that you’re never more than 364 days away from the next one! The festive season always seems to come around like lightning – so much so that you often find you’re not exactly ready for the big day. As is the case with most things, planning ahead can help ensure your next Christmas goes smoother than a ride in Santa’s sleigh.

So whatever time of year you happen to be reading this, keep in mind the following seven advance-planning tips:

1 – Think About Last Christmas

First of all, take a pen and paper and begin writing a list of everything you were happy and unhappy with last Christmas. It’s basically a case of pinpointing your successes and failures, in order to minimise the latter next time around.

2 – Consider Cash-Flow

It’s important that you remain realistic when it comes to how much you can afford to spend over the festive season in general. It can be hugely helpful to allocate a precise budget to your intended Christmas spending, in order to ensure you don’t get carried away at the time.

3 – Check Your Decorations

Go through your decorations and consider a hard-headed cull of anything you’ve grown weary of, or that doesn’t quite shine and sparkle like it used to.

4 – Shop Ahead

Shopping for Christmas throughout the year gives you the opportunity to make the most of sales, specials and the kinds of one-off deals that could save you a fortune. It also means avoiding the chaotic Christmas rush!

5 – Pack Ahead

The same also goes for packing – why leave everything until the last minute? The more you do now, the more time you’ll have to relax and soak up the festive atmosphere!

6 – Start Saving Now

Even if you only put a tiny amount to one side every week or month, it will still add up to help you with those inevitable Christmas expenses.

7 – Relax!

Last but not least, the more you treat Christmas like a tiring logistical challenge, the less you’ll enjoy what it’s really all about. Family, friends, food and fun – a time of year to revel in the most important things in life! So above all else, don’t take it all too seriously and relax!

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