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If you think that all that Santa does is write back to children all over the world and deliver presents, you've come to the right place. Not everyone knows that Santa also keeps his own personal diary. He writes down all the exciting events in his life and lists children who deserve to get presents the most. Do you want to find out a bit more about Santa and learn some fascinating stories from his life? If so, this is the site for you.

Blizzard in Norway.

March finally came and in the most European countries spring at last arrived. But not here! White snow is falling silently in Norway, and children are building a snowman. We managed to get a cup of a hot chocolate before we moved forward. I have to add to my diary a very important note: traditional toys are being more and more popular here. Children love board games, really! Elfi closed his notepad and put it into a bag and headed towards Santa’s sleigh.

Elves change the trip directions. 20.04.2017

- Today is the 15th day of our trip - said Elfi. We need to make sure that our reindeer are not overworked. Just take a look at Rudolf, he seems to be really tired.
But Rudolf denied by shaking his head. Actually, he was really for the trip.
- We have already visited Italy, Spain, Greece, and now we aim visiting a bit colder countries! – said another elf.
Santa Claus took out his magical list with children’s wishes. – Look, so many children believe in me. Isn’t that great?
- And they behave really well for the whole year Santa!  We will have a lot to do this year. So many presents to be delivered…- added Elfi.
- Then we should be already on our way to be on time. Oh my, we are already late! – claimed Santa and rushed the elves to jump on the sleigh.

The first day of our adventure. 22.03.2017


The first day of our trip is almost gone. We managed to know wishes of children from all around the world: Poland, Germany, France, Czech, Netherlands, and so on. Surprisingly, children wish for similar things, regardless of the country they are from. We made a huge list of presents for this year, and you know what’s on the top of it? Old-fashion teddy bears are still the most wanted ones, although electronic Furbies become more and more popular recently. They are really fun to play with! The only thing is you can’t turn them off when they start singing...

Boom, crack, hurrah! 12.10.2016


Me and my elves had a great night full of fireworks last night. Oh, how fun was it to see the colourful lights filling the night sky over our house. At one point, it was so bright that Elfi, who was sleeping under the stairs as usual, thought it was morning already. Of course, other elves quickly corrected him and we all watched this amazing display together. That day I took a break from replying to letters. After all, a show like that doesn't' happen too often. But not to worry, all letters to Santa will reach the addressee soon!


Working out 14.09.2016

Today I'm ready to collapse. I've been practising getting in and out of the chimney all day. You have no idea how hard it is. Especially, when you have a belly like mine! The elves made me repeat the exercise probably a thousand times and said if I don't get fast enough by the end of the month, there will be no more cookies after dinner for me. Can you believe that? I'm trying the best I can, because all children in the world who write to me know they can count on me. I promise, I won't disappoint anyone, but please don't take my sweeties away. I need to have the strength for such hard work. Yesterday, me and my elves got over a thousand gifts ready. In addition, I've prepared a special message from Santa for each and every one of you. You'll be so surprised! I can't wait to see your faces!


Rest 05.09.2016

After a hard day's work replying to all the letters to Santa, I decided to take a few days off. I thought long and hard about where to go. I just knew there had to be mountains, snow and warm milk with cookies. In the end, I went to visit my friend, who lives up in the mountains in the south of France. On the first day there, we went skiing. What an exciting time that was. Next day, I went shopping and got myself a beautiful new coat, obviously in red. But in the evening, I couldn't help myself and started replying to your letters. After all, all children look forward to a letter from Santa. I also recorded a few videos. I will add them to my special, personalised Video from Santa to Children soon. Your jaws will drop to the floor when you see what Rudolph has been getting up to this year. I was rolling on the floor laughing. But that's enough for now, you'll see everything in my special message from Santa, which I will send just before Christmas.


Playing in the snow 03.09.2016

It's snowed really hard today! It created such huge snow banks that I could barely open the door to our hut. Sadly, I couldn't get through it and even the elves were not able to deliver the last batch of letters to Santa. Fortunately, my lovely reindeer Rudolph and his friend Big Foot helped us by stomping on the snow blocking our door. As soon as me and my elves got outside, Elfi started a snowball fight. Oh, how fun was that! Of course I recorded everything with my magical camera to show you in my special video from Santa. When the game was over, we all had some warm milk and cookies. Only Rudolph preferred hay with sugar to cookies. Hmm … What does he see in it? With their bellies full, they all went to bed, only I stayed up and started replying to all the letters to Santa that my elves brought me in the morning. So don't worry, I will definitely reply to yours too!


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