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How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit…Starting Right Now!


Christmas is such an amazing time of the year that there really is no such thing as too early to start the celebrations. The run-up to the big day may be a busy, tiring and occasionally stressful period, but hey – we only do it because it’s worth it!

So if you really want to start getting into the spirit of things starting right now, here’s a rundown of just a few ways of making it happen:

  1. Deck the Halls

First of all, it’s hard to feel Christmassy if you don’t surround yourself with all the gorgeous lights and decorations of the season. So, why not make right now the time you get those decorations out, deck the halls and transform your home into a Christmas wonderland?

  1. Get a Real Tree

Artificial Christmas threes these days are great, but will never be quite as magical as the real thing. The way that gorgeous smell of pine fills the rooms is worth the extra cost in its own right – not that real Christmas trees have to be expensive these days.

  1. Start the Countdown

Advent calendars are an absolute must when it comes to counting down the days leading up to Christmas. And of course, those with chocolates or other surprises hiding behind each door make the whole thing even sweeter!

  1. Team Up

Designate at least one night or even a full weekend when the family has no choice but to come together for an evening of hot chocolate and tree decorating. Or for those old enough, how about some mulled wine to really set the mood?

  1. Make Something

There’s no better time than Christmas to get crafty, joining forces with the kids and making handmade decorations, gifts or anything else you fancy. And of course, the joy of baking at this time of year is largely self-explanatory!

  1. Give Something Back

For a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and to do a good deed at the same time, don’t forget that Christmas can be a very difficult time for a lot of people. As such, there’s no better time to show you care by doing something for charity, helping out at a local shelter or really anything that spreads a little joy to those who need it most.

  1. Play Christmas Music

These days, you only need to tune into an online Christmas radio station to be treated to a non-stop cavalcade of festive classics. Pop your old CDs and LPs on too if you like, but be sure to set the mood with the songs you know and love!

  1. Watch Christmas Movies

Would any Christmas be complete without watching Home Alone? A few Disney classics? Don’t wait for the day itself – grab yourself a bunch of Christmas movies right now and settle in for the evening.

  1. Take a Walk

There’s nothing quite like a walk on a crisp, cold winter’s evening to take a look at the gorgeous decorations and lights around town. Suffice to say, the only thing better is coming home to a cosy festive setting and warming up!

  1. Write to Santa Claus

Last but not least, the time may be running out to get those letters to Santa, but act fast and you can be sure he’ll get them on time! And if he happens to bring his grotto anywhere near you, why not take things one step further and pay the holly-jolly fellow a visit?

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