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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories, which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients. They really warm our hearts.

Thank you!
Your feedback (41718):
  This site permitted me to do something special for a young boy in our church. But while going thru the web site I saw other things that would be interesting to consider for the future. Thanks
  Ray, 21.12.2018, Marysville, Ohio   
  "AMAZING ABSOLUTELY AMAZING" The Smile on my child's face, was the Best one ever!! Definitely a keep sake for the Memory Book!Thank you!"
  Chaz, 21.12.2018, Ottawa   
  I did this for my grandkids and they were very surprised and excited! I did the one for a teenage boy and it was perfect...
  Carla Schwartz, 21.12.2018, Fort Collins   
  This app is awesome
  Yomailette Caraballo, 21.12.2018, Seffner   
  claire, 21.12.2018, halliwell   
  I have had so much fun with these letters for my grandchildren and no one knows where they are coming from. I understand these two 7 yr olds were thrilled.
  Roxie Reed, 21.12.2018, Mooresville   
  I was triple charged for the same video due to an error on the app. Elfisanta refused to refund me for the two redundant videos, so please be very careful about ordering this product.
  Adrian, 21.12.2018, Nairobi   
Elfi’s response:Hi Adrian, thank you for sharing your opinion. When you buy products via app, your payment goes to the Google Play or App Store. As we do not directly get that payment, we cannot make your refund. Your refund can be made by the mentioned companies and you should contact them in that case. All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Cant thank you enough !
  R Rusk, 21.12.2018, Dublin   
  I love your site. Thank you for the letter to my grandson
  Gracie, 21.12.2018, Arleta   
  A fantastic time of the year and these letters make children smile thank you for making them believe
  Robert Fuller, 20.12.2018, Kurunjang   
  This was such a great letter! The options are wonderful, 1 for every situation. Thank you!!!
  Rachel, 20.12.2018, Duncan   
  I made a card for my class that I named "students", they were thrilled! Thank you!
  kristyn corace, 20.12.2018, port monmouth   
  Absolutely love this app and so does my family. It brings out the spirit of Christmas and keeps the magic alive.
  Ema, 20.12.2018, Charleston, Sc   
  My son loved his letter! I was able to personalize it to make it sound like Santa really knows what he is up to and it made him laugh!
  Katie, 20.12.2018, Chicago   
  I am thankful for this website. It was so easy to print a letter for our 22 mos old granddaughter! We have a North pole mailbox that she puts her letter to Santa in, and now she receives her letters from Santa in the same mailbox! Thank you!
  Annette, 20.12.2018, JACKSONVILLE   
  we loved it!
  Kelley, 20.12.2018, Kansas   
  This video was adorable! But more importantly, my daughters who are 3 and 20month were mesmerized, they loved it! Thank you!
  Brie, 20.12.2018, Rapids City   
  this is a wonderful surprise! My children so wanted to receive a letter from Santa. A dream come true
  Helen, 20.12.2018, Hanoi   
  Absolutely fantastic service, my children were over the moon when they received their letter from Santa. Thank you
  Lee, 20.12.2018, NOTTINGHAM   
  We gave our 2 and 4 year olds their letter about 5 days before Christmas. It was perfect! The 4 year old understood what it was since he wrote his letter to Santa a week before that. These pre made letters are great! I tweaked a few words and that was all. :)
  Christina Lueptow, 20.12.2018, Manitowoc   
  Came across this website for free Santa letters and was pleasantly surprised. I found the website very easy to use, the letters are beautiful and colourful and to see a child’s face light up is amazing the reaction is priceless. What I liked about the letter too is, you can actually edit the wording to make it feel more personal to each individual. It is a beautiful gift and I will be doing more. Thank You so much for helping me make it extra special.
  Karen, 20.12.2018, Morpeth   
  Love it!
  Anita, 20.12.2018, Richmond   
  These were for my grandchildren they were so excited to get letters from Santa.
  Gerald Pratt, 20.12.2018, Riverview   
  My son LOVED the Santa letter! He was so excited to get an actual letter from Santa. It was beautiful and very easy to receive.
  Kelly, 19.12.2018, Westminster   
  Simple, Perfect, Magical and free what more could you want!
  Stacy, 19.12.2018, Hartlepool   
  My grandchildren write to Santa every year and I help him out by replying to them on his behalf. I'm so glad I found these editable story letters. It makes the task easy and the children were delighted and excited with their replies from Santa. Thank you so much Elfi
  Lesley Edmonds, 19.12.2018   
  This app is great. I have printed letters for all the littles in my life and quite a few of the naughty adults.
  Bill Franklin, 18.12.2018, Davenport, Iowa   
  The kids loved their letters! Thank you.
  Lynne, 18.12.2018, Whitby   
  Fantastic free product. The letters from Santa to my grandchildren were a big hit! They were able to read their letters themselves this year and were so excited! Even my 9 year old who was doubtful about believing in Santa, now isn't! He's convinced Santa is real even though his buddy told him otherwise. Thanks so much!!??
  Chris, 18.12.2018, Redmond   
  Thank You Santa
  Porsha R Brown, 18.12.2018, Longview   
  Great experience! Kids LOVED the beautiful letter and the personal touches.
  Kristen Dux, 18.12.2018, Honesdale   
  my baby just loved her letter we have framed it. Thank you
  Teresa Williams, 18.12.2018, Dallas   
  Such an awesome letter!
  Kim Davis, 18.12.2018, Indianapolis   
  Thank you, was able to send a letter to my granddaughter.
  pauline scargill, 18.12.2018, sheffield   
  This is a wonderful site!!!!! Thanks for the letter from Santa, my children loved it!!!!!
  Sylvia, 18.12.2018, Denver   
  Truly magical for my nephew. He was over-the-moon excited to receive his own special letter from Santa!
  Cheryl McCallister, 18.12.2018, Washington   
  Your Letters from Santa are the greatest ever! Being able to edit any of the letters to personalize for many young students of mine will surely make them thrilled and continue to believe in Santa. I also did one for my grand daughter and can't wait to hear how excited she was to receive it. Thank you for such a wonderful idea, and some things in life are still FREE!! Merry Christmas!
  Sandy Dobrowski, 18.12.2018, Philadelphia   
  My kids were so excited to get letter Santa. Definitely worth it.
  Charles, 18.12.2018, Kansas   
  I have used the sight to assist me with a number of letters for teenagers and i just love it!!! i can't wait until they get the letters as they will surely cause some fun for Christmas this year. Thank you for providing this free service.
  Mary, 18.12.2018, Manchester, NH   
  Always makes my kid smile
  Madelin Vazquez, 18.12.2018, Melrose park   
  Great service. It made my daughter’s Christmas. Thank you
  Joe, 18.12.2018, Atlanta   
  This was a perfect addition to my son's Christmas wish! It help make it even more magical and realistic for him. Thank you!
  Sofia Gonzales, 18.12.2018, Schiller park   
  The letters from Santa are truly a blessing. Couldn't have been any easier. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas
  Kelley, 18.12.2018, Wernersville   
  I did one for each great grandchild. It made them excited to receive it.
  Mary, 17.12.2018, Iva   
  So great that you offer this service. My kids look forward to it every year!
  Mike, 17.12.2018, Morgan Hill   
  My grandkids loved their letters, I created the letter from Santa and printed 4 different letters.... Fantastic quality...Thank you
  Angels, 17.12.2018, Berkshire   
  My daughters absolutely love getting these every year! It’s so special that they prepare them especially for them! And so magical that it’s signed not just typed!
  Madigan, 17.12.2018, Ogden   
  Thank you so much for allowing me to bring the magic of Christmas to my kids! They were excited to write to and RECEIVE a letter back from Santa! Your website is the best and so easy to use! Thank you! Thank you!
  Lenny, 17.12.2018, Chelsea   
  Excellent my great grandsons were so happy to receive a letter from santa. I will be using you again.
  LARRY, 17.12.2018, LANCASTER   
  My grandaughter was so excited when she received her letter from Santa! Great idea! Love it...
  Roselie Nieves, 17.12.2018, Sunrise, Florida   
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