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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories, which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients. They really warm our hearts.

Thank you!
Your feedback (37930):
  These were for my grandchildren they were so excited to get letters from Santa.
  Gerald Pratt, 20.12.2018, Riverview   
  My son LOVED the Santa letter! He was so excited to get an actual letter from Santa. It was beautiful and very easy to receive.
  Kelly, 19.12.2018, Westminster   
  Simple, Perfect, Magical and free what more could you want!
  Stacy, 19.12.2018, Hartlepool   
  My grandchildren write to Santa every year and I help him out by replying to them on his behalf. I'm so glad I found these editable story letters. It makes the task easy and the children were delighted and excited with their replies from Santa. Thank you so much Elfi
  Lesley Edmonds, 19.12.2018   
  This app is great. I have printed letters for all the littles in my life and quite a few of the naughty adults.
  Bill Franklin, 18.12.2018, Davenport, Iowa   
  The kids loved their letters! Thank you.
  Lynne, 18.12.2018, Whitby   
  Fantastic free product. The letters from Santa to my grandchildren were a big hit! They were able to read their letters themselves this year and were so excited! Even my 9 year old who was doubtful about believing in Santa, now isn't! He's convinced Santa is real even though his buddy told him otherwise. Thanks so much!!??
  Chris, 18.12.2018, Redmond   
  Thank You Santa
  Porsha R Brown, 18.12.2018, Longview   
  Great experience! Kids LOVED the beautiful letter and the personal touches.
  Kristen Dux, 18.12.2018, Honesdale   
  my baby just loved her letter we have framed it. Thank you
  Teresa Williams, 18.12.2018, Dallas   
  Such an awesome letter!
  Kim Davis, 18.12.2018, Indianapolis   
  Thank you, was able to send a letter to my granddaughter.
  pauline scargill, 18.12.2018, sheffield   
  This is a wonderful site!!!!! Thanks for the letter from Santa, my children loved it!!!!!
  Sylvia, 18.12.2018, Denver   
  Truly magical for my nephew. He was over-the-moon excited to receive his own special letter from Santa!
  Cheryl McCallister, 18.12.2018, Washington   
  Your Letters from Santa are the greatest ever! Being able to edit any of the letters to personalize for many young students of mine will surely make them thrilled and continue to believe in Santa. I also did one for my grand daughter and can't wait to hear how excited she was to receive it. Thank you for such a wonderful idea, and some things in life are still FREE!! Merry Christmas!
  Sandy Dobrowski, 18.12.2018, Philadelphia   
  My kids were so excited to get letter Santa. Definitely worth it.
  Charles, 18.12.2018, Kansas   
  I have used the sight to assist me with a number of letters for teenagers and i just love it!!! i can't wait until they get the letters as they will surely cause some fun for Christmas this year. Thank you for providing this free service.
  Mary, 18.12.2018, Manchester, NH   
  Always makes my kid smile
  Madelin Vazquez, 18.12.2018, Melrose park   
  Great service. It made my daughter’s Christmas. Thank you
  Joe, 18.12.2018, Atlanta   
  This was a perfect addition to my son's Christmas wish! It help make it even more magical and realistic for him. Thank you!
  Sofia Gonzales, 18.12.2018, Schiller park   
  The letters from Santa are truly a blessing. Couldn't have been any easier. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas
  Kelley, 18.12.2018, Wernersville   
  I did one for each great grandchild. It made them excited to receive it.
  Mary, 17.12.2018, Iva   
  So great that you offer this service. My kids look forward to it every year!
  Mike, 17.12.2018, Morgan Hill   
  My grandkids loved their letters, I created the letter from Santa and printed 4 different letters.... Fantastic quality...Thank you
  Angels, 17.12.2018, Berkshire   
  My daughters absolutely love getting these every year! It’s so special that they prepare them especially for them! And so magical that it’s signed not just typed!
  Madigan, 17.12.2018, Ogden   
  Thank you so much for allowing me to bring the magic of Christmas to my kids! They were excited to write to and RECEIVE a letter back from Santa! Your website is the best and so easy to use! Thank you! Thank you!
  Lenny, 17.12.2018, Chelsea   
  Excellent my great grandsons were so happy to receive a letter from santa. I will be using you again.
  LARRY, 17.12.2018, LANCASTER   
  My grandaughter was so excited when she received her letter from Santa! Great idea! Love it...
  Roselie Nieves, 17.12.2018, Sunrise, Florida   
  My children loved getting the letter from Santa even managed to get my 10yr old believing again. Will definitely be ordering again Thank you
  Michelle Hunte, 17.12.2018, Harrow   
  Thank you so much for all the special things from Santa and the ***** **** and Elfi. I love everything Christmas. My cousins love the video from Santa and the kids at the party love the coloring pages. Have a very Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone.
  Jessica Vieira, 17.12.2018, Poland   
  This program is Amazing!! As a working Santa, I found it very useful in answering letters written to me by children asking for certain toys. Easy to edit , download and print. Love it and will definetly use again.
  Ron Hensley, 17.12.2018, Loudon, Tn.   
  I sent the Santa Letter to three children, they were so excited to get the letter. Thanks for dong a great job!!
  Patricia A Denemy, 17.12.2018, Petoskey   
  I gave each of my class a very special letter from Santa. They absolutely loved them - totally made their day. Especially liked that there were a few choices with the letters so that not everyone got the same one, seemed a bit more special to each of them that they got their own story from Santa. Nice and easy to use. Definitely keen to do it again next year, thanks heaps!
  Dawn, 16.12.2018, Te Kauwhata, New Zealand   
  Fantastic!!! Muito boys were só happy ?
  Aliny Rocha, 16.12.2018, Brazil   
  I did two videos as I have twins age 6 and both was amazed that Santa knew them and a picture off them thank you for keeping the spirit off Christmas alive ☃️?☃️?
  Emma, 16.12.2018, Gosport   
  Our Grand children were over the moon to think that Santa had sent them a message. Fantastic
  Rick Ogle-Welbourn, 16.12.2018, Boston UK   
  I am so grateful that you have provided such a wonderful opportunity to send a letter to our granddaughter. To see the excitement in her eyes was priceless. I thank you for the magic that you added to our Christmas this year. God Bless.
  Bob, 15.12.2018, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada   
  The cutiest vidieo my grandkids couldn't figure out how santa got there picture
  Kathy Engle, 15.12.2018, Bellwood   
  I can't tell you how excited my grandson was to get a letter from Santa. It really made his day!
  Jinny, 15.12.2018, pa   
  A friend at work showed me this site & I couldn’t wait to make my son a “video from Santa”. I wasn’t sure if he’d even pay it much attention, if any, since he just turned 3 & has the attention span of a goldfish but he LOVED it. He sat still for the entire 10 min., Watching attentively, soon as Santa said his name. He has asked to watch it over and over since!! Highly recommend for any child who still believes in the magic of Christmas!!
  Mica, 15.12.2018, Benettsville, SC   
  I love it
  Crystal Berens-bates, 15.12.2018, Spokane Valley   
  My daughter absolutely LOVED it, she was SO excited. We had tried the free version and she was so happy with it, I had to get the paid version and it was SO worth it! She absolutely loved when it called her name and seeing her pictures. The process was so quick and easy and the delivery time is spot on. The quality is excellent and the photos I had added were incorporated SO well. Exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to using this service every year.
  Madelyn, 15.12.2018, Moreno Valley   
  This is perfect for my class. They wrote letters to Santa and will be surprised when they get a letter back!
  Angela, 15.12.2018, Morenci   
  Thank you so much! my grandchildren will be so stoked next week when they see it. Timing is great with their 'elf on the shelf' actually being called 'eflie' by them. I told them that Santa is using 'eflie' to make sure they are nice. Your quality and options are fantastic. (Love the dog eating Santa's Cookie') Can't wait until next year.
  John Filmer, 15.12.2018, Greenwith, South Australia   
  This is an incredible service. I've been sending Santa letters for over 20 years. This is my first time doing business with you. I am impressed with the ease of making and printing these beautiful letters. My only suggestion is to offer more than one choice of letterhead.
  Jolene G Bethke, 14.12.2018, CRANE HILL   
  I am in education and I printed out a letter for a student who doesn't behave. He was super excited that he got a letter from Santa. It has made these last weeks of school enjoyable. He now has a smile on his face and still talks about the letter he received.
  Christine Kelley, 14.12.2018, Spanaway   
  Great website, it was fun creating the Santa letter!
  Amanda, 14.12.2018, Reno   
  Great page, loved it!!!
  Stephen, 14.12.2018, Gasden   
  My grandson was so excited to receive mail from Santa. When he open it his eyes lighted up with excitement. The next day he took he letter to school to share his exciitement with his teacher and classmates
  Amparo Medina, 14.12.2018, Bronx   
  It’s had great choice of letters. Lovely layout. My children will be very excited to receive them .
  Shirley Norris, 14.12.2018, Waterford   
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