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Christmas is coming in just:
- - - - - - - -
That's how little time is left before you meet with Santa!

How to make this Christmas special?

  • Order a personalized letter from Santa.
  • Add little personal extras to Santa's message (diploma, postcard, sticker).
  • You can also order a personalized video message from Santa too.
  • You can watch the video with the entire family.
  • Enjoy the magic of Christmas with your children.
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Make this Christmas a truly magical time

Each year around Christmas, children impatiently await the smiley, elderly gentleman with a long beard who brings them wonderful presents. They call him Santa Claus. Believing in Santa is something that has always ignited a fire in the hearts and minds of the little ones. Don't ever let it fade out.

How do you do that?

It's simple. Encourage your child to write a letter to Santa, to tell him what they would like to get for Christmas. Scan it and send it to Santa via our special form. Your child will receive a reply through a magical, personalised video message from Santa sent from our website. We've been helping Santa bring smiles to children's faces all over the world for years. The video message your child receives, apart from replying to their letter, will contain additional, personal information, such as a photo of a loved one, the child's home and their name. This means that the magic in your home will never go away.

How to write a letter to Santa?

Children all over the world write letters to Santa. They describe what their dream Christmas gifts are. The problem is how to deliver the letter to Santa. Here's where our website can help - all children who write to Santa can receive a personalised reply. All you have to do is scan the letter to Santa and order a personalised video message from Santa on our website. The scanned letter will become part of the video message from Santa your child receives.

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