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Christmas Wish List Time – Send Yours Today with Elfi!


Christmas comes just once a year, but that fabulous festive feeling is forever! 

Which is why now’s the perfect time to get started on that 2018 Christmas wish list, letting Santa know exactly what you’d like this year and how you intend to earn it! If you thought Santa Claus spent 364 days a year waiting for Christmas to arrive, thinking again!

Right now, he’s sitting in his grotto at the North Pole and waiting for kids (and grownups!) worldwide to send in their Christmas gift wish lists.

After all, it’s not as if he can fill every order in December – even with the help of a small army of elves! Penning a wish list to Santa Claus can be a great way of holding on to the magic of the festive season at any time of year.

Send Santa a wish list with the Christmas gifts you’d like this year, your hope and dreams for the months to come and…most importantly of all…how you intend to stay off his naughty list for another year!

If you’re going to send Santa a wish list, you also need to show him you deserve all those goodies!

Hear Back from the Big Guy

Of course, there are endless Christmas wish list ideas to consider and plenty of ways to get them to the big guy himself. But if you’d like to receive a fully personalized reply all the way from the North Pole, you’ll want to send Santa a wish list through Elfi!

What makes us so special? It’s simple really – we’ve been working closely with the big guy for such a long time that he always puts our requests right to the front of the queue! The only thing better than sending a Christmas presents list to Santa is receiving a direct and personal response from Santa Claus himself. 

After all, if you’re going to share your hopes and dreams for the year ahead with him, it’s only polite to expect a response in return! If looking for a traditional response letter from Santa, we can make it happen.

We’ll pass your letter on to his elves personally and ensure he takes the time to write back to you. Alternatively, we can even arrange for Santa to record a personalized video message, live and direct from his grotto at the North Pole! 

Find out what Santa has to say about your Christmas wish list and hear a few words of wisdom in the process!

Festive Fun Throughout the Year

Spring, summer, fall or winter, we believe that festive fun is something that can be enjoyed at any time of year! Particularly for kids and grownups alike who’d happily celebrate Christmas every day!

Christmas 2018 may be a while away, but there’s no better time than right now to let Santa Claus know you’re already planning ahead!

Get in touch with one of our elves today to learn more about our year-round festive services.

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