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A Fun Way to Deliver Christmas Messages in the Workplace


Here’s a question – how can you inject a little Christmas cheer into the workplace this year, in a way that hasn’t already been done? Is there an alternative to the usual cliché festive-frivolities?

Ok, so that’s two questions, but the good news is we’ve got the answer to both! Why not have Santa Claus himself deliver a message of festive cheer to your office?

Personalized Christmas Messages

Most people think that letters and messages from Santa are just for kids. But they’re wrong…period! Think about it – how could any person of any age truly resist a real, bona-fide and 100% authentic message from the big guy himself?

The answer is of course – nobody could! And when the message is personalized exclusively for the recipient, the whole thing becomes so much more meaningful and amazing. How about a personalized Christmas message to your team?

Maybe a Christmas message for the boss that’s made it to the naughty list this year? Or a Christmas message to employees from the CEO, just to prove he/she isn’t the Grinch the workforce thinks they are?

Whether looking for a simple one-to-one Christmas message for your colleagues at work or a much bigger message for the whole company, we can help. After all, being such close personal friends with Santa and Co., he’s more than happy to make these kinds of things happen for us!

Personalized Video Messages

Of course, if you’d like to take things a step further and deliver a Christmas message with maximum impact, video greetings are the way to go!

Recorded from the red-fella’s workshop at the heart of the North Pole, we can arrange for a custom video message to be designed and delivered to your workplace and your team. Or for that matter, anyone who you think could do with a few words of wisdom from Santa!

As the whole thing is organized online, it takes no time at all to set things in motion and have your perfect Christmas message recorded. Choose from a series of video ideas and themes on our website, before adding your own personal touches to be used throughout. And as Santa always puts our requests to the front of the queue…of course…your video will be ready in as little as THREE HOURS after you place your order!

And it’s not just workplaces we’re happy to help either. After all, what could be more magical for a school or kindergarten over the festive period than receiving a heart-warming letter from Santa Claus himself? It’s not as if grown-ups should have all the fun, right?

Whatever it takes to inject a little extra magic into your holiday season, you can count on us to make it happen! Check out the full range of personalized messages Elfi provides online, or get in touch with our elves directly for more information.

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