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20 Holiday Jokes That Always Keep Santa in Stitches


There is a reason why Santa has a jolly sense of humor. Not only do all the cookies he eats keep him in a happy frame of mind but so do some of the holiday jokes that he often hears and tells others during the holidays. The following holiday ticklers are great to share with both kids and adults. You, too, will feel as if you need to go “Ho, Ho, Ho” when you read and repeat the following:

1. What do Santa’s reindeer do if they lose their tails?
Why, they visit a re-tail shop to get a new tail!

2. The elves have said that their jobs are similar to office work.
That is because they make all the toys while a fat guy wearing a suit receives the credit after the toys are delivered.

3. Did you hear about the gingerbread man who had to visit a doctor?
He needed to pay a visit because he felt crumb-y.

4. Do you know Santa’s nationality?
He comes from the North Pole so he is North Polish.

5. What happens when you cross a vampire and a snowman?

6. Do you know what snowmen eat for breakfast?
They like frosty snowflakes.

7. Did you hear about the guy who did not believe in Father Christmas?
People call him a rebel without a Claus.

8. Do you know what resembles a candy cane in fast motion?
Santa rolling over a hill!

9. Do you know how much Santa’s sleigh cost him?
His sleigh did not cost a dime because it was on the house.

10. Do you know what English teachers call Santa’s elves?
Subordinate clauses.

11. What never goes hungry during the holidays?
The turkey; he is always served stuffed.

12. Do you know where Santa likes to stay when he is vacationing?
At the ho-ho-ho-hotel!

13. What do the elves like to listen to when they are working?
Wrap tunes!

14. What is a good tip to follow for the holidays?
Do not try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. Wait for the birds to head south for winter first!

15. What warning was placed on the tinsel on the tree?
Do not eat this decoration lest you get tinsel-itis!

16. Why did Scrooge hold a fondness for Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and Santa’s other reindeer?
Because bucks mean a great deal to him.

17. What is Frosty the Snowman called when it turns warm?
A puddle!

18. Why were the elves feeling blue?
Because they had low elf-esteem!

19. What do you call someone who is scared of Santa?
A claustrophobic.

20. What is Rudolph’s Christmas wish?
To receive a pony sleigh station.

If your funny bone has been tickled, you know why Santa is always jolly. It takes a good joke to reach deep into his funny bone. That is why his laugh is so distinct. Send some jokes to the children when creating your letters from Santa Claus.

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